Did You Know?... iCarly 'Crushing On A Geeky Guy' On Next Episode


This week's episode of "iCarly" is taking a stab at the world of computer sales at an Apple-esque store. If that doesn't sound like a fascinating plotline, the cast assures fans that there will be zany antics, some friendly rivalry and even some romance. We bet you never thought all that intrigue could squeeze its way in there!

"Today, we are on the set of 'iCarly' and we are shooting some scenes for an episode called 'I Work for Pear,' " Jennette McCurdy, who plays Sam, told MTV News about the episode. "[My character] Sam ends up getting hired for the job, because she's so good with the customers and at selling things. Mad trouble ensues because Freddie's mad at Sam. Sam's not meant to work.

"The Sam and Freddie relationship has been explored on many fronts," McCurdy continued about her link to Nathan Kress' character. "There was the first few seasons where they were bickering constantly, and then there was some touching on a relationship, which, let me tell you, was a real treat for us ... it wasn't awkward at all," she joked about their brother/sister relationship. Read more>>
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