One Direction's Niall Horan’s Mum Says Demi Lovato Would Be Worthy For Her Son!

Demi Lovato reportedly has her eyes set on One Direction’s Mullingar native Niall Horan. Lovato referred to Horan as “adorable,” prompting Niall’s mother Maura Horan to offer her blessing for the two.

The Evening Herald spoke with Maura Horan about her newly famous son and the rumors that he and Demi may be getting flirty with each other. Speaking of the former Disney starlet, Maura Horan said that Lovato would “be worthy, he has my blessing” but also added that Niall “doesn't have time" at the moment for a relationship.

Niall’s opinion of Demi? "I'd like to see her all right. And she's of a similar age, she seems to be a nice girl." Read more>>