Katy Perry Says Teen Vogue "Fame" Remark Was A Joke

Katy Perry has come under fire for complaining she is sick of fame in a recent interview but she is adamant her comments were meant as a joke.

The singer was subjected to a harsh backlash after she told the May issue of Teen Vogue magazine, "I'm tired of being famous already, but I'm not tired of creating. Fame is, I think, just a disgusting by-product of what I do."

Critics accused the pop star of taking her stellar career for granted, but now she has moved swiftly to clear up her remarks.

In a series of posts on Twitter Perry writes, "O (sic) the joy of something verbally said being taking out of complete context in print. This is why there's a continuous (love/hate) for the media world."

"You see, the fame quote was spoken in jest (which is typical of me) but it's not really about that. The fact is: my success, & you my fans have afforded me the most incredible luxury: to grow as an artist & a human. That, I could not be more grateful for."