Our Exclusive Coverage of The BIG TIME MOVIE Premiere In The Big Apple!

Story And Photos By Anne M. Raso

We were lucky enough to get on the guest list for the premiere of the BIG TIME MOVIE at 383 Park, a classy event venue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, last night. There were 80 or 90 members of the press waiting for the Big Timers, who were the last to come down the special orange carpet for the VIP guests (with orange velvet ropes to match)! As you probably know if you are a fan, BTR was also in town to do a concert at Radio City with the one and only One Direction as their special guests--these boys have more buzz on them then a giant buzzsaw right now and are in the Top 5 on iTunes with their US debut single "What Makes You Beautiful"! The One Direction guys loved to see their beloved Union Jack on the movie posters as we did (we are complete Anglophiles)!
We have to say it was a blast because who came to meet the press first but One Direction! Who says they save the best for last. First, Liam and Zayn came our way just sauntering down the carpet like pros even though they're guys barely above driving age! It was a true British Invasion and Liam gave us a special funny face in the pic below--we think he was amused by the "New York accents" among the reporters! I literally laughed as I took the photo below. The guys had just gotten into New York a few hours earlier, and all the guys went to their rooms except for Liam who took a walk into Times Square! We feel sad that Zayn had to take a couple of days off to go to an aunt's funeral back home! The guys collectively told me they were thrilled to be in the Big Apple and Liam said that he had heard many great things about playing Radio City and that there is actually another hall by that name they played in Liverpool, England!
Then Louis, Niall and Harry came our way and we asked if they were in BIG TIME MOVIE (which premieres on Nick on Saturday, March 10, by the way), they told us not. We asked them about visiting New York and they did say they did have some "tourist" type of things to get out of their system. They are here in the Big Apple through Monday the 11th we hear, so if you see five British cuties on top of the Empire State Building, you know who they are.
We also told Niall (whose back you see in the photo above) that we were jealous of his metabolism because we read stories about how he can't stop eating--and you could bounce dimes off this kids' stomach! Niall had a dual reason to be excited about coming to the Big Apple--he has relatives in Queens he was looking forward to seeing at Radio City! We had to then take a shot of all the guys together on the orange carpet!
Next up a bunch of local celebs, friends of the band and Nick stars turned up. It was an odd mix going from Real Housewives of New York City cast members to weatherman/host Al Roker to adorable Bianca Ryan, singer and guitarist who won America's Got Talent! She told us that she is both a BTR and One Direction fan!
Finally, after being on the super-packed carpet for 90 minutes, Big Time Rush appeared and the sexy James Maslow and Carlos Pena came up to us to chat! They remembered us from the time we first met at Planet Hollywood two or three years ago and then a year or so later during a Macy's Back To School event where they performed in front of the store at Herald Square. We reminded the guys of the time they serenaded us with "The Turd Song" at Planet Hollywood--and told them it was one of the most romantic moment of our lives! They had a good laugh!
Of course, after pairing off with different writers and photogs for special photo ops, the guys all came together in the center of the "step and repeat" and did their best movie star poses! Or was that more like "casual and cool" rock star poses!
Pretty soon it was time to go into the venue, and there were about 400 VIPs and Nick contest winners who got to come in and feast on all the free popcorn, soda and British candy they could handle. Maynard Wine Gums, here we come! We simply could not eat enough of them or the world famous Crunchie bars! Shockingly, we caught up with One Direction again in the balcony right before they did a Z100 interview and then later accidentally walked into their private dressing room before the show, thinking it was the entrance to the stairwell since it said "EXIT" over it. It was pleasant to get to see the guys again for a minute, and we noticed they were just trying to relax. We did not want to be too much a pain in the neck...and we noticed they did not take advantage of all their native candy available. As you know, the BIG TIME MOVIE is set in England and features several Beatles songs including "Revolution," "Help" and "We Can Work It Out."
We then could not resist going to get a quick shot of One Direction at their seats. Niall was holding a T-shirt a fan had given him and several fans came up to shoot the guys, who posed politely! We were still laughing over Niall telling us on the carpet that he had "gone ginger"--he still looked very blond to us. The Brit babes sat dead center in the venue.
The BTR guys sat down right before the movie started. The venue looked gorgeous--more like a ballroom than a theater and everyone thought it was quite glamorous--as you can see from the photo below.
The film turned out to be a laugh-a-minute--basically a cross between Help and the Austin Powers movies. It was hard not to look over at the BTR and One Direction's giggling! On the way out, all guests were handed cool BIG TIME MOVIE logo T-shirts and white logo nylon totes. Both bands stayed later to do a meet and greet with Nick execs and other VIPs. As we left, we shot the supercool BIG TIME MOVIE tour bus that BTR was riding on and noticed a lot of fans were posing with it. Who could blame them? The whole evening was a "rush"!
We lost our tape recorder, keys and change purse somewhere during the movie, but when we returned to 383 Park to hope that they were still there, we discovered that a nice doorman had put them aside for us in a closet. We must have had the luck of Big Time Rush on our side that night (it strikes us that everything these guys do is a success...and we wish them more of it because they're just fine fellas and will never "go Hollywood" in the truest sense of the term)! And then again, maybe Niall from One Direction brought us a little luck of the Irish! Don't forget you can see One Direction doing a lot of hosting on Nick this month!
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