Are The One Direction Guys Really Tight With Big Time Rush? We Want To Know What You Think?

By Anne M. Raso

Right before meeting the 1D gang for the first time, BTR’s Kendall Schmidt told a reporter, “So we will be like their big brothers, open a few doors for them." The BTR guys are older, but the One Direction crew has taught them a thing or two—and there have been some wacky times on tour together as well as at the Nick Studios.

Upon meeting Big Time Rush, Niall Horan said that the feelings of warmth were mutual. He said, “We hope to be hanging out with them when they are in the UK.”

The BTR guys were thrilled that One Direction got their U.S. TV break on “their” network, Nickelodeon, by guesting as themselves on iCarly. It made them brothers of sort! Of course, the BTR guys started to get goofy questions when they toured together in March including, “Which group do you think is sexier—you or One Direction!” The BTR guys handled it well because they’re the masters of handling tough media questions with a smile!
The sweetest thing about the BTR-1D connection is that BTR is happy their friends from across the pond have risen to the top of the teen scene so fast—there is not a jealous bone in their bodies!

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