You Gotta Know Depart: One Direction Dishes On Relationships and Dream Girls!

One Direction is starting this year off in a good way. While they came into L.A. for the filming of their iCarly episode, Cambio caught up with the stars to discuss their big, upcoming Valentine’s day. The band members were asked if they are single or with someone special. They not only answered the question, a few of them also shared who they would like to be their dream dates. You will catch the video down below, while you can download their first US single ( “What Makes You Beautiful”) on Valentines Day. As for their episode of iCarly slated for a premiere data later on this year.

For a band that hasn’t been introduced in the US for long, they already have an impressive fan base. It seems like they are due to hit major success before long. I was surprised that they were already asked about their love lives so soon! I would think that is something that their British fans would ask as of now. However, I suppose we can all agree that they are simply blessed to already have a great fan base built in a matter of weeks.

Source:BSC Kids