Victoria Justice and a "Flying Squirrel Fear!

Look out for that flying squirrel, Victoria Justice! “Victorious” creator Dan Schneider uploaded this picture he made yesterday, explaining:
 WARNING: This is a pic of Victoria Justice being attacked by a flying squirrel as she holds Pepto Bismol 
Why did Dan make this pic? Well, earlier, Victoria shared one of her biggest fears with her fans:
 #MyBiggestFearIs getting spontaneously attacked by a flying squirrel. Haha. But seriously, wouldn’t u freak out?! 
Dan took notice, and voila! The picture above sure to give Victoria nightmares for days to come.
Dan asked:
 Hey @VictoriaJustice – PLEASE tell me you’re okay! What happened after this pic was taken?!? 
And Victoria answered:
 @DanWarp It was either ME or the squirrel… I’m ok though, Dan. Although the wounds are still fresh… Victorious must go on! … Great product placement 4 Pepto Bismol Dan;{). Nausea, heart burn, indigestion, upset stomach, FLYING SQUIRREL! Yay, pepto bismol!