"iMeet The First Lady" Premiers Monday Jan 16— Cast Appears TODAY at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

On Monday, Jan. 16, at 7:30p.m. ET/PT, the kids of iCarly become America’s most wanted and it will take the power of one special lady to help them!

In the brand-new episode, “iMeet The First Lady,” Carly and Spencer are excited that their dad is returning from active duty in time to celebrate his birthday and they begin planning a party to commemorate the occasion.  Unfortunately, Colonel Shay is deployed again and must cancel his trip home.  Carly is devastated when she learns that she won’t be able to spend her dad’s birthday with him.  To cheer Carly up, the gang surprises her during their next iCarly webcast by transmitting a live feed to Colonel Shay.  The webcast catches the attention of high-level government agencies and results in an unexpected visit from Mrs. Obama.  Having seen the webcast, Mrs. Obama is moved by what Sam, Freddie, and Gibby did for Carly and commends Carly for being such a strong and supportive daughter to a father in the service. 

Later today, the iCarly cast will appear at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in Miramar, Calif. for the first of four screening events for military families across the country.