Will Big Time Rush Record a Song With Demi Lovato?

This is exciting news On The Teen Beat readers! We were so happy to read it.  In an interview with AOL Music, Big Time Rush revealed that they want to record a song with Demi Lovato.  We would love to see that happen. Here’s what the BTR guys revealed:


"We’d love to do a song with her. We saw her two times in the last few days at Jingle Balls. I asked her. All it would take is a day to write and record a song and you have it. Whether or not it gets used, I don’t know, but it would be really great."

"I think to have her on our TV show would step into some awesome boundaries with Disney and Nickelodeon. It would be kind of cool."
"Her new record is awesome."

The guys also told AOL Music  that Logan and Demi were in the same acting class.  "It was the same acting class with Selena Gomez and Demi and myself and Cody Linely," Logan revealed. "A group of all of us … I still talk to Cody. Not so much right now, he’s still busy. He just booked a new show."

And what does Logan think about Demi then and now? "It’s cool to see how someone has grown since you’ve known them, as an artist and a person."

Do you readers want to see a duet between Demi Lovato and Big Time Rush? Let us know!