Sweet Tweets From Mindless Behavior Fans!

Hey On The Teen Beat  readers, check out the latest tweets from Mindless Behavior fans. We know how much you love these guys and our sister Word Up! magazine. 

I just commented: Who buyin word up Mindless Behavior Holiday Issue!!!!! in the Mindless App 
 It's in the mindless behavior magazine fromword up :) !
 U N K N O W N ☮ 
The christmas issue of Word Up! is allllllll mindless behavior. :) 6 big posters and 8 small ones. :D
 Ayanna Crippen 
 my school library is subscribed to word up! and right on so we have a whole mindless behavior section of magazines. !

I will never have a lot of mb posters because the word up magazinemindless behavior edition is sold out... -.- i only have 3 posters
 Fuck Swag 
I Didn't Buy A Mindless Behavior Word Up Magazine Because The OMG Girlz Was On It.
 In prodigy's dreams 
 Oo for Christmas I am gettin Justin biebers album Drake album Mindless behavior word up magazine Jacob latimore album
 Lauren Jones 
Just bought #1 Girl and Word Up! Mindless BehaviorPostermania. My room is all mindless now. Lovin #1 Girl Hello is my fave song.
 Marion Molden 
Word is, mindless behavior is opening up I hope so..!
 Brieanna ;) 
The Moment When You Only Buy "Right on" and "Word Up" Beacuse of Mindless Behavior...
Omg  is in my Word up mag "Mindlessbehavior christmas issue"
And even though I don't like her, I bought my other sister Word Up! w/ Mindless Behavior in it -__- That's $6 I coulda kept!
  Team 30  
Thanks to  Kiki momma got herself an autograph mindless behavior Word up she can't stop smiling 
 Jo'kaayla . 
everytime im in school & see the word Mindless or Behavior ; it messes up my Focus !
 Tamara Brown♥ 
Got My Mindless Behavior Word Up Mag So Happy!!!!  
 Taylorrr NO GANG (: 
 WELL THEN ! *Flips Hair* Nothing Tweeting , Reading My New Word Up Mindless Behavior Magazine , HAPPY TURKEY DAY :D
Just got the NEW Word Up magazine of Mindless BehaviorPoster Mania !!! They look so cute :)