Selena Gomez and the 2011 Phoosen Event

Selena Gomez’s tour might be over, but she isn’t taking a break yet. She recently attended the 2011 Phooson event, where she performed and gave a fun interview. Needless to say that Selena brought her best as she always does. Laughter and one heck of performance as you would expect from the pop star, is exactly what you got.Selena clearly does not want to slow down in her career at all. I am not sure why, but she keeps on mowing through. I will say that she does seem to be more relaxed than she did while she was on tour. I still do think that she should take a break and enjoy. It always has next year to do work. She just needs to enjoy some of her youth and not feel like that she has to work for every second of it. She has so much more value to her than that.

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Source: BSC