Nathan Kress Talks Pranks On The Set Of "Game of Your Life"

This summer, “iCarly” star Nathan Kress visited Atlanta, Georgia, to film the video game movie “Game of Your Life,” which will premiere on NBC’s Family Movie Night this Friday (December 2) at 8/7c. Starring Titus Makin Jr., Dana De La Garza, Adam Cagley, Lea Thompson, Ric Reitz, Tom Nowicki, and Nathan Kress, the film follows video game design student Zach Taylor (Titus) in his first year with a scholarship as he is confronted with difficult decisions about his future, family, and friends.
So, what was life on the set of “Game of Your Life” like? In a recent interview with Fanlala, Nathan explained:
 Right away, we learned that Adam Cagley (Donald) was the prankster of the group. The running joke would be that we would always steal people’s phones, and he especially targeted Titus (Zach). Eventually more people got in on it, and it got to the point where everyone at the table at lunch would be passing his phone around so he would never know where it was! 
Sounds like a blast! What do you think? Will you be tuning in to “Game of Your Life” this Friday to see Nathan in a very different role than Freddie Benson?
Source: Nickuptopia