Radio Disney's N.B.T. Round 2 - Coaching with Cody Simpson!

Cody Simpson knows all about being famous and making it big. He has lived through that experience and knows that that kind of life is like. So he is now giving back and helping fans who are following his footsteps. Cody stopped by at Radio Disney to offer advice to the contestants and fans alike about how they can become the next big thing. You will find a video of that down below this post.

It is so great to see that he is helping out others. I am sure there are a few things he wishes he knew and now he can provide that for them. Maybe he could even write a book on it. Bit in the meantime he is offering fans a taste of what its like and I am sure that we all are happy for that.

How do you feel about his advice? "I am glad that he is able to do this. I do think they should have done this step earlier in the game, but sadly, they did not. Either way, I can say that I am extremely happy that his speech was caught on camera. He might be able to prevent even one person going into debut, which would be a great gift of him giving back. I am hoping people can learn from him and know at least what to sort to expect."