Justin Bieber Shoots Christmas-Themed 'Mistletoe' Video

Start decorating your Christmas tree! The holidays are coming early this year for Beliebers everywhere. On Wednesday, Justin Bieber tweetedupdates about his music video for the lead single off his holiday-themed album, which drops in November.

Bieber and his team kept fans up-to-date about what was going down on set. "Video shoot today for Christmas album. #mistletoe," he wrote, before confirming the name of the track and a release date for the album. "On the set of #mistletoe. Christmas is coming early this year. #nov1st."

The shoot wasn't kept under wraps, and Bieber didn't mind the crowds that gathered to watch him celebrate the holidays a few months early. He also tweeted a photo of himself with Santa Claus and wrote, "doing the #dougie with santa. #real. haha. #mistletoe." Read more>>