Demi Lovato Teases Unbroken Remixes

MTV News
Demi Lovato's latest release, Unbroken, is garnering lots of attention thanks to its catchy tracks and empowering message. Beyond co-signs from Lovatics and a number of celebrities, including Ashley Greene, Sean Kingston and even Joe Jonas, it's also received great reviews from the hardest people to please: the critics.

But Lovato isn't paying attention to any of it. She told MTV News she's more focused on the here and now and the excitement of having a whole new crop of music for everyone to hear. "I haven't actually looked at any of the critics or reviews," she said. "So, if they're good, awesome; if they're bad, whatever."

According to reports, despite some stiff competition on the charts from the likes of Tony Bennett and Lady Antebellum, Lovato is still expected to sell pretty big. reports that she'll likely sell about 110,000 copies of her album, besting her previous chart-topping release, 2009's Here We Go Again, which sold slightly less with 108,000.

"I'm feeling really excited," Lovato said. "The album just came out, so we're really, really excited. And it seems to be doing well, so I'm really, really happy."