Exclusive: On The Teen Beat Interview With So Random's Sterling Knight!

By Sue Schneider
We recently caught up with Sterling Knight on the set of SO RANDOM! which is the new television show from the Disney Channel starring most of the cast of SONNY WITH A CHANCE.

Sterling who stars as heartthrob Chad Dylan Cooper on SO RANDOM! was more than happy to talk about the new show, and his new  film TRANSIT.

Describe your character now leaving McKenzie Falls, where you were like this big soap opera star and coming on to SO RANDOM, how is your character Chad going to change?
Chad, actually is still working on McKenzie Falls, which is interesting. Not only is he the greatest actor of the generation; apparently he is the hardest working actor…he has two jobs now. It’s been interesting to watch Chad change over the past few years you kind of saw him get a softer side in Season 2 and now he is working with the people he couldn’t stand. It’s just really cool to see him have he same Chad Dylan Cooper swag, but mature enough to be okay being ridiculous tapping into that comedic side that he was so resentful of.

Which do you like doing best the comedy or….
The melodrama was comedy-making fun of drama. I really like this I think it’s really fun. I grew up watching sketch comedy and I used to perform in a sketch comedy show in Hollywood with my buddies. It’s just really fun and I’m really excited for people to see what the cast is really capable of. Now we are all playing different characters; six different characters an episode almost sometimes. Everyone is pushing themselves and coming up with characters and accents and crazy costumes. Everyone is just working really hard.

So Chad likes them now, as he really disliked them.
Chad is tolerating them! (laughs) I think there are some deep seeded issues, but he is smart enough to not let it show.

How much are you as a person or comic actor are able to bring to SO RANDOM that is difference then having to play Chad playing someone different?
Chad is like this new thing for me. I never played the cool guy before that.  I was a sketch comedy kid for a long time and growing up in theater I was into accents and slapstick kind of stuff. For me it’s really been kind of fun in what feels like getting back to your roots…crazy British accents. Running around with tie-dye wigs and just being silly and having fun with that.
Photo: Courtesy of Disney Channel
What about STARTRUCK, when you did the movie it was almost like your Chad character?
Christopher Wilde was fairly similar to Chad in many ways. Obviously Chris has a much better heart then Chad does! (laughs) That was a really cool experience that I got to go through with Brandon (Smith) and Chelsea (Kane) and that was really fun. It’s been really cool to see what I’ve been ever to do over the past few years character wise and this is no exception. Everything is going to be craziness.

Talk about your new movie TRANSIT?
I’m really excited about this. We shot it in Louisiana and it was crazy hot and really hard. Definitely like the hardest thing I ever done, but I had so much fun…covered in bruises and bleeding everyday. Putting my body in ice every shoot day.

Is it a comedy? Aren’t you running from someone with his money?
It’s a really big thriller. Very NOT what I’ve done so far. It’s very different from anything else. For a much more mature audience and hopefully those that can watch it, hopefully will like it and I’m really excited to see what comes of that.

Thank you Sterling!
Photo: Courtesy of Disney Channel