Cody Simpson: Exclusive On The Teen Beat Interview!

Cody Simpson: On Your Mind (And Everyone Else’s)! An Exclusive Interview Part 1!
By Anne M. Raso

We recently caught up with Atlantic Records’ Aussie teen buzz boy Cody Simpson at both his New York shows (Gramercy Theater and Irving Plaza) and got to see him in action, both onstage and during soundcheck, where we hung out and chatted. Cody is a mellow guy who meets and greets every fan after a show (even if the numbers are in the thousands) and we recently talked to him about future plans, his talented family (including sister Alli who is actually working with Cody’s director-road manager Trey on an acting projects) and what he loves about what he does!

Q: Hi Cody—nice to see you again. First thing off the bat is tell us if there is a single coming out and when they have slated the album for.
Cody: My album will be out this year and my best guess will be September. The single is “On My Mind” and it is exclusively at for the next two weeks and then it is going to be out on iTunes. That song is the first song off the album and it is my favorite song that I have ever done…yeah. It is a song about when you have met a girl many, many times but then you finally realize that you are always  thinking about her—that she is always on your mind.

Q: Well, that is a classic theme. Do they have the second single picked out already?
Cody: We have a few contenders for the next single but we have not gotten anything finalized yet.

Q: I assume that this tour you are on now will go all through the summer…are you booked all the way up through Labor Day?
Cody: No, right now, just end of May.

Q: And then what do you do?
Cody: Then I go to Australia—I do an eight-day tour of Australia. I do shows and promo stuff there. And then I go to Canada. I am seeing all different parts of the world.

Q: Very cool. Your dad told me last night that these days you really live in Studio City, California now. Do you get to go back to Australia enough?
Cody: We go about twice a year. I went back in October and now I go back end of May. We will be back at the end of the year as well. I am just very busy touring around here (the US) and going to other places but when we are in Australia we like to make sure that the family gets to see us.

Q: I know your dad works with you in a management capacity. Does anyone else in your family work with you—like your mom? And I saw your sister at the show last night at Irving Plaza…
Cody: No…my dad had lots on his back when I was first starting out but now we have a big team with us. He has a lot off his back now and is having a good time. My mom just looks after me on a personal level and just does what moms do I guess. (Laughs.) My sister is getting into acting and is working with my road manager Trey here. He has been a director for a while and is going to work with my sister on a few things. My little brother Tom is having fun—he gets to go to the theme parks when we are on tour and do shows there. (Laughs.)

Q: It must be nice to go to the front of the line! So Trey is a director?
Cody: Yes, he has directed shows for the Disney Channel and says he is happy to be working with my sister on a project.

Q: I did not know your sister Alli was a performer.
Cody: Yes, but let me clear up that she is an actress and not a singer.

Q: I saw her last night and she is pretty. I did not know she was an actress. What has she done?
Cody:  She has not done anything that you have heard about. I guess you can say that she is aspiring. They are still getting tings set for her management-wise right now. You will probably here more from her in the future.

Q: So you think she is going to do a Disney Channel show?
Cody: I can’t say what channel it is going to be but she is definitely going to do some acting—I am not sure where, though.
On the Teen Beat writer, Anne Raso poses backstage with Cody.
Check back for Part 2 of  our exclusive interview coming soon!

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