Ashley Greene's Exclusive Interview! Part 2

Talking Breaking Dawn, Prom Dresses And College Plans!

by Anne M. Raso

Photos Courtesy Freestyle Releasing
We got to speak to Ashley Greene at New York's Regency Hotel recently and in Pt. 1 of our exclusive interview, we got the lowdown on her new coming-of-age film, Skateland. In Part 2, we discuss whether she wants to go to college or not, Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, how she feels about all the Twilight series marketing (including the Alice Cullen doll) and more private stuff like her prom dress donation charity work (and no, we weren't allowed to discuss Joe Jonas)!

Q: Have you thought about going to college?
AG: Definitely. I think at this point it would be kind of silly for me to just halt and stop everything with all the opportunities that are coming, but I think down the road I definitely…I don't know that I'll go to a campus. I could take online courses, but I think that I'm never going to want to stop learning and growing. The funny thing about this profession is that virtually anything you learn and any experience that you go through you can use in this profession. So I was very interested in law and I was very interested in psychology when I was in school. I actually had a magnet program high school for that. So I think that psychology is still something that I'm very interested in learning about. 
Q: How does it feel to be  nearing the end of the Twilight saga?
AG: I think it's a bittersweet thing. I think at this point we're not…we've been filming for I think four and a half months all ready and we have another month and a half left, but we are currently filming two films. So we're going to have stuff coming up for the next two years and the press tours are intense and then the premieres. So I think it's kind of like high school. It's like you're excited to graduate, but at the same time you know that you're going to miss your friends. I think we kind of know that we haven't seen the last of each other, that we still have a few years. 
Q: How do you think you would've spent your free time as a teenager in the '80's as opposed to how you would've spent your free time now as a young adult?
AG: I mean, probably a lot more personal contact and bike riding and ice cream. I just think that one of the huge differences that I noticed from filming Skateland was the technology and the electronics and the internet and instant gratification and cell phones and text messaging. I'm just as addicted to those things as anybody else is in this room, but I think there was something kind of nice about seeing how people communicated whenever we didn't have all these things. 
Q: Are you interested in doing a play in the future?
AG: I'm reading one right now. I think it's certainly something that interests me. It's terrifying to me because it's an unknown territory, but I think it's definitely something that I'll embrace eventually. I have a huge respect for people who do plays. I just saw "Les Mis" not too long ago and I think it's incredible. 
Photo: Anne Raso
Q: Can you talk about some of the projects that you're graduating onto, especially the one with Olivia Wilde and you even have Miley Cyrus in there and some other people to talk about music with?
AG: The one with Olivia is called Butter and it's a comedy about butter carving and everyone in the cast is incredible. 
Q: From skating to butter carving?
AG: Yeah. I'm doing it all, but that one was my first comedy, and so again, I took the part and then after I took the part I was like, "Oh, my God, what did I just do? What did I sign myself up for?" because I'd never done it before. But it was a really fun learning experience and I had people like Ty Burrell who I think is a comedic genius and Jennifer Garner and Olivia and a lot of seasoned actors. It was really fun to be able to get to know them and work against them and kind of learn from them. Then LOL is another comedy that was a French film and I actually really liked the French version and that's why I decided to do the American version. That one I think was just me kind of wanting to depart, I think, from…as much as I love Alice Cullen I think it's a kind of big departure because it's playing kind of the high school bad girl, kind of bitch essentially. She's kind of a little snarky and she's definitely not the purest. So I just was kind of like, "I want to play the bad girl." I hadn't done it yet and it was the same director that directed the French version. He also did the American version. So, I did that and then Apparition is a thriller that I did. It was my first studio lead which was really exciting for me to be able to do. That one is kind of about a girl and a guy who move in together into a house and weird things start happening and kind of supernatural activity and the character, Kelly, has to deal with that and also the fact that her boyfriend isn't necessarily who she thinks he is. 
Q: Aren't they all?
AG: Yeah. I was like, "Which guy is?" No. They're all very different things that I'm really proud of. So I'm excited to see them all come out and people be able to see a different side of me that they haven't seen. 
Q: What advice would you have for actors and actresses who become famous quickly because they’re part of a huge franchise such as the Twilight series?
AG: I think probably through the chaos of it all is you really have to stay grounded and remember who you are and where you came from, because that’s a really big thing. I have a really solid, core group of friends and family that could care less what I do, who I am [as a celebrity]. My mom’s like, "Go do the dishes. Go make your bed." And I really appreciate that, and I think that’s key, because at the end of the day, this is a job, not a life.
Q: What goes through your mind when see all the Twilight merchandise?
AG: When I see the merchandise, it’s exciting. To be able to say I have a doll [Alice Cullen] is pretty amazing. I have an action figure. That’s awesome!
Q: Out of all the people in the Twilight cast, with whom do you share the closest bond?
AG: Kellan [Lutz, who plays vampire Emmett Cullen in the Twilight series] and I have been very, very close friends for little over five years. We knew each other before the whole process started. And now we have to spend all of our time together at work, so it’s really nice.
Q: I want you to learn more about The Cure, but you did pick two of my favorite bands, Joy Division and The Cure. 
AG: Then I'm doing all right. I made friends then. 
Q: Can I ask you about the prom dress charity you are involved with ( since prom season is coming up. Did you start this?
AG: I didn't start the company, no, but I became involved with them about a year and a half ago. I got approached to be their spokesperson because of a prom story that I told in one of the magazines and how important it was to me. They told me about their organization and it was kind of a no brainer because I think part of it, one of the really positive things about being a celebrity and having people know who you are is that you have a voice and that people will listen and you kind can kind of get these things out there. So, I jumped on. It's basically a really easy, simple charity that encourages girls to donate their dresses that they've already worn so that girls can come to one of the local chapters and pick up a free prom dress. Sometimes I'll do, as often as possible, they'll actually get girls to drop off dresses, but then meet the fans. So they'll come drop off and I'll sign and meet the girls and then every so often I get to actually go and surprise these girls and give them a dress. It's just something that a lot of people don't understand because they go, "They're sixteen and it's prom," and nobody cares. But I think it is a kind of rite of passage for girls sometimes, something that they look forward to as soon as they get into middle school. So I think it's really heartbreaking whenever they can't go because they don't have money to get a dress. I think it's sweet and it's something that I care about. It's really fun.