Rockin' With Roshon Fegan from Shake It Up! Part 1 Of Our Exclusive Interview!

By Anne M. Raso

Photo: Courtesy of Disney Channel
We recently met up with Shake It Up's Roshon Fegan at New York's Essex House Hotel restaurant Osage (he was in town for the Disney Channel Upfront and a few other publicity events). We got a kick out of his fresh approach to being an actor and his very funny dad Roy who swears that he is not a "Hollywood dad-ager" but serves as his cute son's acting coach! Lucky Roshon is 19 so he doe not have to get the home-schooling that the other kids on the set have to get--that give him a little mote time to study his lines and to have fun! In Part 1 of our exclusive interview, we got him to 'fess up about the famous giant meatball episode of Shake It Up and his "Be You" movement and his official jewelry to promote this movement of individuality. Plus, this cutie gave us a little info about his "I Am" video, which has not yet premiered on his You Tube channel.

Q: You have the video for your single "I Am" about to come out. Where can you download the song? 
Roshon: It's on all the sites that sell music--including iTunes, and it came out about a month ago. We will be premiering the video soon on my You Tube channel on my web series that I have...
Q: I know you were in Camp Rock 2--any plans for Camp Rock in the works?
Roshon: I am not sure. They (the Disney Channel) did High School Musical 3 and so I am hoping they will do a Part 3 of the Camp Rock franchise. It would be amazing.
Q: With Shake It Up, the first season is in the can and they renewed it. I hear it is the most popular show on Disney judging from a press release I recently read. I assume you are off now after completing a full first season of Shake It Up.
Roshon: I have till May till I have to go back. Disney actually picked up 21 more episodes the first week of shooting--that's how much they love the show! It was very popular with the Disney company right away!
Q: I can understand that. My favorite episode was the giant meatball one but you probably hear that all the time.
Roshon: Yeah! And it is funny!
Q: Bella told me that the meatball was pretty much raw--they only cooked the outside.
Roshon: Yeah, it was pretty gross! That is why I wasn't eating much of it--if you take a good look (at the actual episode), I didn't eat too much of it. (Laughs.)
Q: They wanted it to look all clumpy apparently--especially when Bella throws the clumps into a guy's hoodie in the restaurant. (Laughs.) Plus she said it was at least 10 pounds!
Roshon: I don't think there was a way to cook it all the way because it was SO MUCH meat! They would have had to leave it in the oven forever.
Q: I thought they could make a big meatball out of Styrofoam or something as a prop! LOL! Now, on a more serious note, can you tell me about your charity work?
Roshon:  Well, I took a quote out of my song "I Am"--and that is "Be You" and I am starting a movement based around that. I say that at the end of the song...almost like a "tag." I want it to be a symbol of awareness that itIs easy for kids to be themselves and everyone is unique! I made a prototype of a ring--I am wearing it right now--that is a big "U" inside a "B." When they see this symbol, they'll know it's me and what it's standing for. I also have a chain that says "I Am." So I am making this merchandise for the fans and for any person who just wants to support this movement of being themselves! Everyone can learn and be a part of it.

Q: On your website, can they buy this jewelry?
Roshon: Well, the website is in the process of being designed but the jewelry is going to be on there. There is going to be a lot more pieces coming up than just rings and chains. We are going to have all kinds of stuff like shirts and other clothing. The song is about me but I made it to inspire others to do the same as me.
Q: I wanted to say that your other video, "Anything Is Possible," is really cool and it sort of promotes the same "be you" message.
Roshon: I did that video for Black History Month and that is why you see all the names of famous black leaders like Rosa Parks on the video. I got to do the choreography for that--it was a quick shoot done in one day and it has all the cool effects like all the names that you mentioned showing up. It was fun to be a part of that and to celebrate Black History Month.
Q: Where is the "I Am" video being shot?
Roshon: It was just done with a green screen behind me in a studio and we had all sorts of set-ups. It is just me just kind of going through things that I do (in everyday life). I do not want to give too much away and ruin it for when everyone finally gets to see it. But it was a fun shoot and a whole bunch of friends came out to support me. About half the people in the video are my friends! (Laughs.) The other people that you see in the video are random people I found by twittering to "come on down" to the shoot. A couple of the people you will see in the video is the great chorographer Eric Chin (who has worked on a lot of choreography for martial arts films like Kung Fu Panda and Karate Kid) and the legendary Vanessa Bell Calloway.

Part Two of our exclusive interview coming soon!...