Exclusive: Mindless Behavior Talk Girls, School and Justin Bieber

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Hey On The Teen Beat readers, we know how much you are lovin' Mindlesss Behavior these days. So are we!  Our friends at JSYK and the MB management  asked us to repost this awesome interview. Read it and tell us what you think. 

Photo: Courtesy  of  Island Def Jam
Mindless Behavior has been blowing up, thanks to the success of their
hit single, 'My Girl,' which currently has over 2.5 million plays on
YouTube. The super talented 13-year-olds -- Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray
and Princeton -- have been spreading their positive message across high
schools nationwide on their Get Schooled Tour, but now the
multi-dimensional group is stepping up their game by joining Justin
Bieber on his My World Tour on December 9.

Mindless Behavior will be hanging with JB for two weeks this month,
beginning in Manchester, N.H., and wrapping up on December 23 in
Atlanta, Ga. While the guys played alongside Justin at Pop-Con 2010,
they're psyched to get to know the Canadian superstar on their upcoming
east coast run.

We sat down with Mindless Behavior to talk about their new album '#1
Girl,' how they feel about sharing the stage with Justin and what being
"mindless" really means. Oh, the boys also let us in on some of
their hidden talents, too. Find out what they had to say below, and, if
you haven't already, check out the four-piece's sizzlin' single, 'My
Girl,' on iTunes now.

JSYK: Hey guys! First of all, we absolutely love 'My Girl,' and we're
really looking forward to hearing your debut album, '#1 Girl.' When
will it drop?

Princeton: Next year. We don't have an exact date yet.

JSYK: What's your favorite song on the album?

Ray Ray: My favorite song is 'My Girl.'

Prodigy: I actually have two. I like 'Ms. Right' and 'My Girl.'

Roc Royal: I have two as well. I like 'Ms. Right and 'My Girl.'

Princeton: My favorite song is... 'My Girl.' (laughs)
JSYK: Good choices! We read that '#1 Girl' is really about teenage
love, but now that you guys are so busy, how do you find time for girls?

Ray Ray: Well, we're always looking. We don't have girlfriends right
now, but we're always looking for girls. We think, when the time comes
and we find love, it'll be the time -- when we get that special girl.

JSYK: You said that your group name is about redefining the word
"mindless." Can you explain that further?

Princeton: A lot of people think "mindless" is being bad and stuff, but
we actually flipped it to a positive movement, and actually Mindless
Behavior is a lifestyle...

Roc Royal: ...And it gives us the freedom to express ourselves.

Princeton: So, if you're confident and you love school, then you're
 JSYK: Well, you guys seem really confident in yourselves. How can
others take your message of being mindless and use it to stay positive?

Ray Ray: If they have a talent, don't let anyone bring you down. Keep
on believing in yourselves and just keep on doing what your doing. Have
passion, and follow your dream.

JSYK: You guys are all home-schooled now, but you used to go to a
regular school just like everyone else. Do you miss it at all?

Princeton: Sometimes we do miss school, but actually, since me and Ray
Ray skipped a grade and are in 9th grade now, he and I missed our prom,
so that's pretty sad.

Photo: Courtesy Myspace/mindlessbehavior
JSYK: You missed your prom?

Princeton: Yeah, we're kind of bummed out about that.

JSYK: That's so cool that you guys skipped a grade, though. Congrats!

Princeton: Thanks!

JSYK: You did a small tour of L.A. high schools. How did it compare to
the Get Schooled Tour?

Princeton: It was very, very fun because, of course, me, Ray Ray and
Roc are from Los Angeles, so our moms and our friends came to a couple
of shows. It was just fun seeing our fans singing to our songs.

Ray Ray: Being mindless is staying in school, so we wanted to address
that at every show: stay in school.

JSYK: You guys are going to be playing in huge stadiums now with Justin
Bieber. That's a really big jump from those high school stages. Are you
prepared for the experience?

Princeton: Absolutely. Every day we're practicing; we're getting ready.
We're actually a little nervous, but very excited to show all the fans
what we've got.

JSYK: You shared the stage with Justin once before at Pop-Con. Are you
excited to get to know him over the two weeks on tour with him?

Princeton: Oh, definitely. It's just going to be a great tour. I
actually wanted to give a shout out to Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun
for allowing us to be on this tour. We're going to have so much fun!

JSYK: What's your favorite Justin Bieber song?

Ray Ray: Mine is 'Somebody to Love' and 'Baby.

Prodigy: Mine is also "Somebody to Love.'

Roc Royal: Mine is 'Somebody to Love.'

Princeton: My favorite Justin Bieber song is 'Up.'
JSYK: What do you guys like to do when you're not on the road?

Ray Ray: I like to draw, and I'm actually going to be doing some
artwork on the album. I like to read my Twilight books – I'm a big fan
of Twilight – and go to amusement park and go to the movies.

Prodigy: I also like to go to the movies and go shopping with Prince
and the boys -- but especially Prince 'cause he likes to shop -- and I
like to eat. And I love to watch TV and just chill and backflip with

Roc Royal: Prodigy said it. I like to backflip with him and I like to
skateboard with Ray Ray, and I also like to go outside and just search
for animals because I like nature.

Princeton: I like reading books and watching TV, especially Disney
Channel, Nickelodeon and MTV. Like Prodigy said, I like shopping and
going to the movies and just having fun.

JSYK: Ray Ray, are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Ray Ray: I'm Team Both. (laughs)

JSYK: Prodigy, what are your favorite TV shows?

Prodigy: Right now, I like to watch Sponge Bob [Square Pants] once in a
while, and to be honest, I actually watch Max and Ruby once in a blue

JSYK: A lot of you said you like to shop. How do you describe your
personal style?

Roc Royal: My personal style is, I like V-necks and I wear the hats,
and I'm the rapper of the group.

Prodigy: Well, my personal style is wearing the glasses, and having my
teddy bear chain.

Princeton: I really like wearing jackets, shoes and glasses, and I
really like a lot of accessories and designer things, too.

Ray Ray: I really like a lot of cardigan sweaters, and I like a lot of
skateboarding brands and skateboarding shoes like Vans and Converse.
And I like goggles.

JSYK: Okay, to wrap things up, can each of you tell me one random fact
about you that nobody knows?

Princeton: I like to cook. I'm always cooking different things like
pastries and dinner and making things that don't even exist! I just
like making different stuff.

Ray Ray: I can do many different voices, like Goofy and Elmo. (He did
his Elmo voice for us. It was spot on!)

Prodigy: I'm actually double-jointed.

Roc Royal: I've had 23 dogs in my life, and I like to search and
capture insects, as well.

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My World Tour Dates with Mindless Behavior:
12/9 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
12/13 Pittsburgh, PA PA Consol Energy Center
12/15 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum
12/16 Greenville, NC SCBILO Center
12/18 Miami, FL American Airlines Arena
12/19 Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
12/21 Birmingham, AL ALBJCC Arena
12/23 Atlanta, GA GA Phillips Arena

For more on Mindless Behavior, pick up the new  issue Word Up! on newsstands now!