The OTTB Exclusive Interview! Meet Logan Miller From Disney XD's "I'm In The Band"

The On The Teen Beat Exclusive Interview Part 1

By Sue Schneider

Logan Miller stars as Tripp Campbell in Disney XD’s “I’m In The Band,” a teenager who joins his favorite vintage rock band, Iron Weasel.  Unfortunately, Iron Weasel has fallen from rock stardom and Tripp is determined to help these rock star misfits make a comeback.

On The Teen Beat  got a chance to visit the set and watch them film. During the lunch break we sat down with Logan Miller in his dressing room, which was decorated with his favorite rock albums and a poster of The Doors to discuss the show and more.

How did you get involved with music? And do you really play?

Logan: I have been playing guitar for about nine years now. It was just something that I wanted to do. I always thought guitar was something cool to do and I would see it on TV and stuff. People with bands I thought that was always interesting, so I kind of just told my parents, hey I’d like to play guitar. I got a crappy little guitar for my birthday one year and just from there began playing and never stopped since.

What are your favorite bands?

Logan: I love a lot of 60’s music, so my favorite band is The Doors, but I like Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane, bands like that. And I also like new age stuff too. Like Ben Folds, Radiohead lots of stuff like that. So I have a wide range of music that I like.
You actually sing, right?

Logan: I’m beginning to sing; I‘m not like professional yet.

So you’re taking voice lessons to like Steve (Valentine) is doing?

Logan: Yes, I’m taking voice lessons right now, so it’s fun.

Can you describe your character in your own words?

Logan: He is someone that is very driven towards what he wants to do. He’s crazy, but he knows what he needs to do to get where he wants to be. He's kind of in control of his situation, to stop and get out of bad situations all the time. He can talk, he knows how to work the room and get the things that he wants.

Have you ever played in front of a live crowd?

Logan: I have. I was in two bands before.

What bands?

Logan: They were just local bands. I had one that was called Lockdown, which was terrible! We kind of sounded like dying animals…I would think that we sounded like. And then there was my other band, which had like five different names…like from El Nino to P-Shiver and all these crazy band names.

Are you from LA?

Logan: No, I’m from Dallas.

So you played in Dallas?

Logan: Yeah in Dallas I played.

In this series you act like you’re the boss of them…or act the adult and they are the kids?

Logan: A little bit. I would think that it’s like kind of the opposite. These adults are the kids and the kid is the adult almost. Trying to get these crazy cartoon like rock stars to do stuff that he wants to do. To try to work towards their goal to become big again.

Part 2 of our interview with Logan coming soon...
Photos: Courtesy of Disney XD