On The Teen Beat Exclusive! A Quick Q&A With Mitchel Musso

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A New CD and Show Have Him Livin' Like A King (But Staying Humble)!

by Anne M. Raso

We recently caught up with Mitchel Musso of Hannah Montana, Phineas & Ferb and Pair Of Kings fame at a very exclusive listening party for his fans last week at Planet Hollywood Times Square. Judging from the screaming both outside and inside the legendary Hollywood memorabilia-filled eatery, Mitchel's fans are all buzzed about his new CD.  He's got his fans' pocketbooks in mind when he decided to offer them eight tracks for only eight bucks--and he is currently working on a set of connected storyline videos to match. It was nice to talk to Mitchel again—this talented cutie is always so upbeat and interesting!

Q: Tell us about the new album coming out. I know it is your second one and it must be exciting to be having this listening party here at Planet Hollywood with 150 fans who won tickets. I noticed that they all got their cell phones put into a special area so that no one would try to record. But I guess they are allowed to take pictures of you!
Mitchel: Yes, I am going to go out there and mix and mingle in a little while. I am excited that these kids are so excited to hear my new album. There are only eight songs and you get them for only eight bucks. Not to diss my first album, which I really love, but this new album is all me. On the first album, I did not write all the songs like i did with this one—I co-wrote on just a few of the songs on that album. And I am doing an Eighth For Eight video which will be released in the future--it is actually eight videos I am filming over the next week in LA that tie all the songs together so you have to keep watching. For instance, you will see the same girl in all the videos. I played some of the songs at Alleykatz on Sunday along with the old favorites. The album comes out next month and the single just dropped. This album has the same style of my old album but the sound is much, much bigger— it is more club and it has bigger beats, like hip hop beats, and a little techno, but it still is rock. Most of the songs are about partying and celebrating--just cool things like that. Music is my heart--what can I say? You must definitely look out for this record!

Q: What is happening on your show Pair Of Kings?
Mitchel: I can't tell you what is happening on Pair Of Kings. I read the scripts every week and as I flip through the pages I go, "How in the world are we going to film all this within four days or really just two days." We have two days of rehearsing and two days of filming." It is mind boggling. The idea of our writers are limitless. We break boundaries every day on that show. It is such another world. It is Disney and it is clean--and good for tweens, teens and everyone in between--but we do have the adult humor. It is really nice and I love all the casts I have every worked with, but what really bonds this cast is that I am really working with professionals...that is great because I am trying to work on a show that really entertains. There is so much going on with the show—it is both comedy and drama--but being able to play comedy off someone who is so funny makes my job so much easier. Working with professionals is simply what makes Pair Of Kings so special.

Q: Do you have any pre-show rituals? I know you are eventually going to take this show on the rode and that you performed at the Alleykatz Tween Summit on Sunday here in New York.
Mitchel: I go crazy—I jump up and down and break things. I get very psyched. I don't break anything big, so don't worry! (Laughs.) At Alleykatz, I performed 20 minutes of banger after banger after banger. I was very excited!

Our Fave On The Teen Beat contributing writer, Anne Raso hangs with Mitchel at Planet Hollywood.
Photos: Anne Raso, Planet Hollywood