Selena Gomez: Her "Dream Out Loud" Line is a Huge Success!

We were so happy for Selena Gomez when we got the news that her fashion line, Dream Out Loud  is a huge success. Our sources at Kmart marketing  said that it is the Number One for teens.

Selena in a recent  store meet and greet in NYC  commented:

"It’s crazy and so great. All of my hard work has truly paid off, and I feel so happy. I’ve always wanted to do a line. It was about finding the right company to partner up with, and I think Kmart truly got what I wanted to do with my fans. I didn’t just want to slap my name on it. I wanted it to be real clothes that real people could wear. My mom wears some of my shirts. I wanted to make a really good-quality clothing line, and I think Kmart really understood that.”