Justin Bieber's 'U Smile' Video Premieres

Justin Bieber fans have plenty to grin about now that the teen superstar's latest video is here. Bieber's "U Smile" clip premiered on Thursday (September 30) and features the Canadian sensation indulging in something he probably doesn't get a lot of these days: privacy.

The clip begins in black-and-white (and later incorporates scenes of color) as the "Somebody to Love" singer is approached by a crew of cheery tween fans who ask to snap a pic with the Biebs. The singer, of course, obliges and invites one of the lucky ladies out for a rendezvous later that evening. The two sneak into an empty theater and have lots of moments of PG intimacy, holding hands, horsing around on the theater's seats, sliding down banisters and making each other giggle. They wrap up the date with a playful back-alley water fight and collapse into each other's arms. Read more on MTV News