Exclusive Interview: Mitchel Musso Talks Pair of Kings, Hannah Montana and More!

 By Sue Schneider  


On The Teen Beat  recently got a chance to visit the set of Disney XD’s new show “Pair of Kings” and sat down with Mitchel Musso to discuss his new show.  You loved Mitchel as Oliver Oken, an eternal optimist and Miley and Lilly’s loyal best friend.

On “Pair of Kings,” Mitchel stars as the responsible fraternal twin Brady, opposite co-star Doc Shaw, “Suite Life On Deck.” Unbeknownst to them they find out that they are successors to the throne of the island Kinkow.  Relocating from Chicago, where their aunt and uncle raised them they find that the island Kinkow customs are way different then the way they were brought up and filled with odd superstitions. Trying not to cause havoc at every turn, they decide to claim their throne as joint Kings.

  In your own words, describe your character.
My characters name is Brady, and he is a fraternal brother with Boomer, which is played by Doc Shaw. And the show is all about us being kings of our own island. So you can only imagine being Brady growing up in Chicago and pretty much having nothing and going to royalty you can only imagine what his character is like. He’s just out of this world and he can’t believe it. He’s on top of the world and that’s pretty much about it.
How is it filming this show vs. Hannah Montana?
Here’s the deal. I love Hannah and I love the cast and I will always have that piece in my heart and it will forever live on through me, but as far as the scenarios and the situations that we were getting ourselves into to. The scenes and what the storylines were they were cool and Miley did concerts and stuff, but we’d also be picking out dresses and things like that, but in this show I’m sword fighting and I’m learning…they have people coming training us how to fight. Mummies…mermaids and fighting pirates. We are in volcanoes. It’s just such a mystical island. It’s so surreal that anything is possible. It’s like these boundaries are limitless. It’s like they can write anything they want on the show. That’s why it’s so cool! It’s so geared toward guys; it’s got all that action. It’s got so much comedy and also Doc Shaw, my co-star is one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet in your own life on set and off set. But other then that it’s very exciting. It brings you in…it’s movie…it’s never just a day go by…day go by…it’s one full thing. The show starts and it doesn’t end until it ends. That’s just how it goes.
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Photos: Moonglow and Courtesy of Disney Channel