Victoria Justice’s Victorious Ways! A Fun Q&A!

Exclusive Interview!
Victoria Justice at Macy's Herald Square.
By Anne Raso

The folks met up with beautiful Victoria justice of Victorious fame at the back to school event held in front of Macy’s Herald Square in late August. (Victoria hosted a show that included a real kid back to school fashion show and performances by fellow Nick stars Charice and Big Time Rush.) We had a lot of fun chatting with her about her show her future recording plans and even what her bedroom looks like! The long-maned, long-legged Victoria's a little different from people her age as she collects vinyl and actually uses an old fashion turntable to play her faves. She's not only a lot of fun but gorgeous as well… but then again we didn't have to tell you that!

Q: Hi there, nice to meet you. Just tell me what you are doing project wise right now besides your show.
Victoria: I am recording a lot of music for my solo album and what else am i doing? I am filming the second season of my show Victorious in October and I am also working with the United nations on an organization called girls up.

Q: What kind of things are you doing with them? Are they having parties for the charity that you will be attending?
Victoria: Yeah, they will be having one soon. It is not only about attending parties but I will be going to Guatemala and visit teen girls living there…and then be coming back here and telling girls here about what life is like there.

Q: Can you tell our readers what your room is like?
Victoria: My room is messy and it is a bright turquoise which makes me really happy—‘cause when I open my blinds it is really bright and pretty, which I really like. I have a small, weird bed that I really hate and I want to get a new bed. (Laughs.) My comforter is big and white and fluffy, which I love, and then I have a flat screen TV on my wall. I have a big stereo and a small closet—it is really cramped and I want to get a bigger one. (Laughs.) I have a record player by my bed. That is pretty much it.

Q: You mean that you have an old-fashioned turntable that actually plays vinyl records? If so, where did you get the vinyl from?
Victoria: I don't know. My mom gave me a collection of her old records and then I bought a bunch of them at Amoeba Records, which is this cool record store in LA.

Q: Yes, I know about that store! That is a legendary store.
Victoria: It is huge and amazing.

Q: Do you have any project that we haven’t touched on here—do you have any commercials or endorsement deals for cosmetic or clothing companies, for instance? (In the past, I know you have done campaigns for the clothing companies Union Bay and Ralph Lauren.)
Victoria: I am not doing any of that at the moment, no…hey, I almost forgot that I am doing a Got Milk campaign.

Q: And do you have the Got Milk mustache?
Victoria: Yes, I do! (Laughs.) It is like a dream come true! (Laughs.)

Q: What is the milk mustache really made of?
Victoria: It actually tastes like cheesecake. It is made of whipped cream, milk and cream cheese and I do not know what else. They paint it on with a makeup brush.

Q: That is really cool—I always wondered what it was made of. How did you hook up with with Macy’s?
Victoria: I have always loved Macy’s and I have always thought it has great clothes and have always thought it was great for back to school and stuff—so I was happy when they wanted to involve me in this campaign. I was really excited when they asked me to come here and be involved in this whole back to school thing.

Q: Are you done with school?
Victoria: Yes, I graduated at 16.

Q: Wow, that is fabulous. Did you go to regular school or were you home schooled?
Victoria: I was in regular school until about the beginning of tenth grade and then I that point it became hard to balance a career and school and traveling and stuff, so then I became home schooled and I just finished early.

Q: Can you tell us more about the music you are recording and when it is going to come out?
Victoria: yeah, I think it should be coming out some time next year…right now, we are just working on finding my sound and getting a bunch of demos ready.

Q: Do you have a major record deal?
Victoria: yes, I am signed to Sony.

Q: Wow, good for you. I am sure a lot of people will be looking forward to your album and lastly, what are your goals as both a performer and as a person?
Victoria: I think my goal as a performer is to finish doing my show Victorious, which I have so much fun doing. Once that is over, I hope to have recorded two successful albums and then I want to do movies. I would like to do both comedy and dramatic films. I would also like to have a clothing line because I love fashion! I would love to start designing—and I would love to have my own fragrance because I just love all that girlie stuff. As a person, I would just to like to keep learning no matter what.

Q: That is a good goal to have! So nice meeting you.
Victoria: Thanks and nice meeting you.
On The Teen Beat staffer Anne Raso interviews the beautiful Victoria Justice.