Seven Questions With Justin Bieber

By Anne Raso

Hey, On The Teen Beat readers, we were going through our files and found part of a Justin Bieber interview we forgot to post. This  interview took place during one of  Teen Dream's photo sessions with Justin a while ago in  in New York City. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to tell us what you think.

OTTB: So you haven’t moved to the US for your career? You’re still up in Canada.
Justin: No, I come back up here to the Toronto area to see family every so often but I really live in Atlanta now.
OTTB: That makes sense since Usher is based out of there. Do you think there is a difference between Americans and Canadians?
Justin: I mean, not really. (Giggles.)
OTTB: What do you think the biggest difference in your life now from when before you signed your record deal?
Justin: I just have gotten to travel so much. It has been so fun traveling and seeing different places and things and meeting all these cool people. Before I was famous, I didn’t really get to travel at all, really. So, it has been an adventure>
OTTB: Where is the favorite place you have gotten to travel to?
Justin: Probably Munich, Germany.
OTTB: Oh, I love Germany. Well, you have done an excellent job here. We have asked you all these hard questions and we appreciate you taking the time out to answer them.
Justin: No problem!
OTTB: Just one last question and it’s a fun one: what is the greatest gift anyone has ever given you?
Justin: I really do not know!
OTTB: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.
Justin: No problem!
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