Selena Gomez – Eyes for Taylor Lautner and Heart’s For Leonardo Di Caprio

The super cute 18 year old Selena has recently revealed that she has a major crush for the Titanic actor Leonardo Di Caprio and has even caught the actor’s new sci-fi movie ‘Inception.
Discussing “Inception”, she said: “Yes! I got it… I did have to ask my mum a couple of times, ‘What’s going on now? What’s he doing? Where is he going?’ He’s really handsome and talented.”

She even shared her thoughts on the other Holly hunks Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner with whom she has been romantically linked with.
“I know both of them and think they are both really nice guys,” she added.
Although she does not add much about them apart from saying she is good friends with the two hunks.
But more realistically Selena cannot seriously date Leo, so guess she has to focus on someone more of her age group.
Selena GomezWe believe that with Selena’s infatuation with Leo, the other two suitors need to brush up on their skills to sweep this young lady off her feet.
So what do you think people who will be a better match for Selena, Taylor Lautner or Nick Jonas?