Big Time Rush Talk About Their New CD And Tour!

An Exclusive Interview!

By Anne M. RasoWe caught up with the boys shortly before they performed as part of the Macy's Herald Square back to school event recently…the guys not only performed live on a stage in front of the store, but anyone who spent 150 bucks on school clothes got a meet and great with these hot fellas! It was great to see them again--we had spoken to James on the phone a few months back and hung with them at Planet Hollywood about six or eight months ago. We thought they were a blast then, and if possible, they have gotten even funnier. The BTR crew is like one big high-energy musical party!
Q: So, what have you guys been up to since I last spoke to you…I did a phone interview with James two or three months ago?
Carlos: Well, as you know we are in town to promote the Big Time Concert movie which airs on Nickelodeon this coming Friday-if you are reading this past Friday the 20th, I am sure you can catch it in repeats.
James: It was filmed when we did a concert in Times Square a couple of months back. You might have actually been there.
Q: I was invited by the Nickelodeon pr people but could not make it.
Kendall: We are also here to promote our new CD that comes out October 12TH. 
We just heard the completed CD yesterday for the first time yesterday and we 
are so stoked. 
Logan: We were really so pleased when we heard the final product. You guys are going to love it!
Q: Okay, back to the concert movie for a second-are there any surprises in it like cover songs of famous artists?
Kendall: No, we just do our own songs….but just so your readers now, we will be out on tour in October with Walgreen's as our sponsors. It is called the School Spirit Tour and basically, kids can go online or go to Walgreen's and register their school-and the school that gets the most votes get a free concert by us. We will be doing 16 cities in ten days and we are very excited about it. We are going to be having a cool little set going on and it is going to be lots of fun.
Q: Are you going to be playing in drugstores, too? (Laughs.)
All Group Members: (Laugh hysterically.)
Logan: No, we are just going to go to your school.
Kendall: you are a jokester. 

Q: So that tour sounds like it is going to be taking up a lot of time. When do you go back to filming the show again?
Logan: We actually go back to filming the show on Monday. That will be the fourth episode of season two, or just number 24. 
Q: So since the show has taken off have you gotten to meet any celebrities?
James: We're talking to you right now, right?
Q: Ooooh, that's funny. (Laughs.)
James: You know, it's interesting because we had David Beckham come up to us the other day and ask us to take a picture with his kids, which was really surreal for us.
Carlos: That was really cool.
Q: That is super cool.
Logan: Me and Kendall met T.I. yesterday, which is really neat.
Carlos: I stood next to Megan Fox for an hour on a red carpet the other day-he left that one out.
James: He was a couple feet away from her for an hour and didn't say hi.
Carlos: she was there with her husband and I was waiting for the right moment to say hi. I didn't want to intrude. I was waiting for the right moment to make that first great impression. (Smiles.)
James: That is funny because the time I met her she told me that she loves me. (Laughs.)
Q: Did any of you get a summer vacation?
Kendall: We did but it was all of three days.
Carlos: We actually got three weeks. I went to Boston….you went to Toronto and some of us went snowboarding. One of us went to Cabo.
James: I went down to San Diego to spend time with my family. It was not that big of a trip from LA.
Q: Do you guys do endorsement deals-I know you have that school spirit tour with Walgreen's but is there anything else? I assume that maybe sneaker companies have approached you….
All BTR Members; No.
Logan: We are honestly so busy with the show that we have not dealt with a lot of that yet. When the time comes, I know we are all picky about who we want to support, so we will figure it out then.
Kendall: But I will say that Van's is always sending me shoes and they are awesome for that. I have to say thank you for that.
Carlos: Kendall loves Van's as you can see.
Q: We had this discussion six months ago before you started getting stuff from them. I said, “I am sure you could get a deal really easily with Van's' and then the stuff starting coming in. So I am taking a little credit.
Kendall: We like each other, so it is a mutual thing.
Q: Can you describe your dressing rooms for us?

On The Teen Beat staffer, Anne Raso hangs with Big Time Rush in New York City.

Logan: They just got painted and we had to move our stuff out. So my dressing room is a nice moss green with a lightgray accent and it is currently cleaner than it has ever been even though I never clean my dressing room.

James: Mine is a dark blue and gray-and I have party lights strung across it. They are Tiki lights.
Carlos: you can sometimes hear people playing bongos in James' room-it is very intense. (Laughs.) Mine is like a maroon and grey.
Kendall: Mine is a lighter gray with a darker blue. It is awesome and I just got a Wii so that everyone can come in and play it. We play that Racquet game-it is called Racquet Sports or something.
Q: Thanks-I am just going to take a quick pic of you guys alone and with me. It was nice to see you again!
ALL BTR Members; Bye, see you another time!