"Fred: The Movie" Will Now Premiere Sept. 18 on Nickelodeon

“Fred” (a.k.a. “Fred Figglehorn”), one of the most popular internet characters of all time, will land on Nickelodeon in his first-ever film, Fred: The Movie, premiering Saturday, Sept. 18, at 8:00 P.M. (ET/PT). Similar to real-life teenager Lucas Cruikshank’s fast-talking, hyperactive videos that have received upwards of 530 million views, the film will center on Fred’s biggest adventure yet in trying to win over his unrequited love, Judy.
Fred: The Movie stars Cruikshank in the title role and features iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy as Bertha, WWE’s John Cena as Fred’s dad and Siobhan Fallon as Fred’s mom. The film follows Fred after he discovers his long-time crush, Judy, played by British teen sensation Pixie Lott in her film debut, has moved away. Fred embarks on a journey to find her, and when he does, he’s devastated that he hasn’t been invited to her party. This blow fuels a grand scheme that ultimately makes Fred cooler than his classmates could ever imagine… and he may even get the girl. Fred: The Movie was conceived and developed by Brian Robbins. The film is produced by Robbins and Sharla Sumpter Bridgett of Varsity Pictures and Gary Binkow and Evan Weiss of The Collective. The movie is directed by Clay Weiner and written by David A. Goodman (Family Guy).
"Internet comedy is a great unifier and Fred is already a mega-star with kids of all ages and genders," said Marjorie Cohn, President, Original Programming and Development, Nickelodeon. “While the fans will be super psyched at meeting all the regulars of Fred’s world, the movie will also bring in a brand new audience who will love its unique tone."
Lucas Cruikshank first introduced Fred to internet audiences in 2008, and the Fred Channel soon became the fastest-growing channel in YouTube history. Each short follows Fred as he deals with his crush Judy, his nemesis Kevin, and his inept mother. While he may be socially awkward and emotionally immature, Fred’s wild imagination and irrational approach to situations make him both hilarious and endearing to his audience. Lucas Cruikshank made his TV debut as Fred Figglehorn in the hit series iCarly in 2009. 

Victoria Justice Singing "Oh Darling"-Thanks Fans for Getting 200.000 Twitter Followers

Wow! To celebrate getting 200,00 followers on Twitter, Nickelodeon star, Victoria Justice made a little "Thank You" video. Here's what Victoria wrote:

"Can't believe I'm at 200,000 followers! Insane. You guys are the best!! I promised I'd make a video to celebrate, so here's me singing one of my favorite songs ever. I love you all ! Thanks again for everything : {)
Photo: Courtesy Victoria Justice/Twitter

Selena Gomez A Year Without Rain Sneak Peek #1

Check out the sneak peek of Selena's new video, "A Year Without Rain." Don't forget to tune into the Disney Channel on Friday, September 3 at 10PM.

Taylor Swift "Mine"-MTV Video Premiere

Taylor Swift's smash hit, "Mine," from her upcoming album Speak Now, is a more sophisticated look at relationships than we've ever heard from Taylor. And her "Mine" video is worlds more mature. 

Years beyond the cheeky high school flirtation of "You Belong With Me" and the teen angst of "Fifteen" — which earned her a Best Female Video nomination at the 2010 MTV VMAs — "Mine" is a coming-of-age story, and in the video, we see Taylor go through many adult life-cycle events and major milestones. Taylor Swift gets married — to Toby Hemingway, whom we see as Taylor's groom in the much-lauded wedding scene —and Taylor Swift even has two lovely little boys.

Source: MTV News

Selena Gomez – Eyes for Taylor Lautner and Heart’s For Leonardo Di Caprio

The super cute 18 year old Selena has recently revealed that she has a major crush for the Titanic actor Leonardo Di Caprio and has even caught the actor’s new sci-fi movie ‘Inception.
Discussing “Inception”, she said: “Yes! I got it… I did have to ask my mum a couple of times, ‘What’s going on now? What’s he doing? Where is he going?’ He’s really handsome and talented.”

She even shared her thoughts on the other Holly hunks Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner with whom she has been romantically linked with.
“I know both of them and think they are both really nice guys,” she added.
Although she does not add much about them apart from saying she is good friends with the two hunks.
But more realistically Selena cannot seriously date Leo, so guess she has to focus on someone more of her age group.
Selena GomezWe believe that with Selena’s infatuation with Leo, the other two suitors need to brush up on their skills to sweep this young lady off her feet.
So what do you think people who will be a better match for Selena, Taylor Lautner or Nick Jonas?

More Arthur Ashe Kids' Pics of Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and Allstar Weekend!

Demi Lovato, The Jonas Brothers and Allstar Weekend at the 2010 Arthur Ashe Kids`Day!
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Selena Gomez: A Year Without Rain Video Preview Coming September 3, 2010

Just a reminder On The Teen Beat readers, Selena Gomez' s "A Year Without Rain" , the music video will premiere on the Disney Channel September 3rd following Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.  Check out the  promo below:

Seven Questions With Justin Bieber

By Anne Raso

Hey, On The Teen Beat readers, we were going through our files and found part of a Justin Bieber interview we forgot to post. This  interview took place during one of  Teen Dream's photo sessions with Justin a while ago in  in New York City. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to tell us what you think.

OTTB: So you haven’t moved to the US for your career? You’re still up in Canada.
Justin: No, I come back up here to the Toronto area to see family every so often but I really live in Atlanta now.
OTTB: That makes sense since Usher is based out of there. Do you think there is a difference between Americans and Canadians?
Justin: I mean, not really. (Giggles.)
OTTB: What do you think the biggest difference in your life now from when before you signed your record deal?
Justin: I just have gotten to travel so much. It has been so fun traveling and seeing different places and things and meeting all these cool people. Before I was famous, I didn’t really get to travel at all, really. So, it has been an adventure>
OTTB: Where is the favorite place you have gotten to travel to?
Justin: Probably Munich, Germany.
OTTB: Oh, I love Germany. Well, you have done an excellent job here. We have asked you all these hard questions and we appreciate you taking the time out to answer them.
Justin: No problem!
OTTB: Just one last question and it’s a fun one: what is the greatest gift anyone has ever given you?
Justin: I really do not know!
OTTB: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.
Justin: No problem!
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Big Time Rush Live In Las Vegas

An On The Teen Beat fan sent this in. The Big Time Rush guys at a recent performance in Las Vegas. What a way to end the summer! 

Miranda Cosgrove To Perform LIVE on the TODAY Show on Monday, September 6

Nickelodeon and Columbia Records' star Miranda Cosgrove will make her live tv performance debut on the TODAY Show this Labor Day and fans can win tickets to be there!
Miranda will perform three songs for a TODAY Show outdoor concert in Rockefeller Center on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 6, and we're giving fans in the New York City area the chance to win VIP tickets to the concert and attend an exclusive meet & greet with Miranda.  Fans who don't win free tickets are still welcome to come down and see Miranda perform, and advance fan passes are also available through the TODAY Show's web site.
Miranda's debut CD Sparks Fly is in-stores now and features her smash hit single "Kissin U."  An all-new episode of iCarly "iSam's Mom" is set to premiere Saturday, Sept. 11 and features a very special guest appearance by Jane Lynch as Sam Puckett's mother.
All Miranda Cosgrove fans are also welcome to request "Fan Pass" tickets through the TODAY Show directly.  To sign up for advance "Fan Passes," please visit:http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/30012397/ns/today-toyota_concert_series_on_today/.  Viewing is on a first-come, first-served basis outside TODAY's window-on-the-world studio, located at 49th Street and Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. Fans should arrive by 6 a.m. for best viewing.

Exclusive Kevin Jonas Interview For Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam!

We got the inside scoop on Camp Rock 2 from the JoBros one by one! Here's what Kevin had to say! We're happy to say that he is as humble as ever and enjoying the married life!

 By Anne Raso

Q: So your character at the camp, Jason, was the soft camp counselor on the kids. Can you talk about that? 
KJ: (Laughs.) Yeah. I got to work with the kids. It was fun, difficult at times as you can imagine, working with those kids. But it was fun. Me and brothers are on the tour a lot and so sometimes it's a little more challenging to be with our youngest brother, Frankie, and when we're filming, having him as a part of the filming it was really nice to spend a lot of time together. I enjoyed that a lot. 
Q: Can he walk all over you like he did in the movie?
KJ: Yeah. Oh, man, he's a fun kid to be with. He's hilarious, very interesting. I think the other kids as well did an incredible job. They were of course young actors and I think they really got the feeling across of not knowing if they're going to be able to do a good job in the performances. You felt that with the kids. It was really nice. 
Q: It was funny when you gave that advice to Nick in the film. You said, "You're a rock star. Use it." How was that moment to play?
KJ: Yeah. I liked that advice. "You're a rock star. Use it." It's a little conceited, but hey, you work with what you've got I guess. 
Q: Is that something that you would tell him in real life, too?
KJ: Probably not. He probably wouldn't even come to me for that kind of advice. I think that what it means is be yourself. I think that's the key and I think that's what comes across in this film. I think that's what he had to realize as well. Even though I said that it also took him writing a song that was called 'Introducing Me' but writing a song that was just all about him and about what he had to go through on a daily basis and finding out who he truly was. He couldn't move on with this girl until he could explore that in himself. I think that this movie has a huge part of that which is finding out about who you are. 
Q: What was your favorite part of movie?
KJ: Of the movie? I really loved the song "Heart and Soul" that me, Joe and Nick get to perform. It's really a good time and I think it's just going back to Halliburton where we filmed the first film and doing that performance again on that same kind of stage, that was very nice. 
Q: And what was the hardest part of shooting this film? I know there were some long hours, some night shoots?
KJ: The hardest one shooting. We were up all night for like two weeks. We were nocturnal. You'd sleep during the day. It was very, very crazy but I think just in general there wasn't too much that was hard. I think it was just the late nights and sometimes it was cold but other than that it's not a big deal. 

Victoria Justice’s Victorious Ways! A Fun Q&A!

Exclusive Interview!
Victoria Justice at Macy's Herald Square.
By Anne Raso

The ontheteenbeat.com folks met up with beautiful Victoria justice of Victorious fame at the back to school event held in front of Macy’s Herald Square in late August. (Victoria hosted a show that included a real kid back to school fashion show and performances by fellow Nick stars Charice and Big Time Rush.) We had a lot of fun chatting with her about her show her future recording plans and even what her bedroom looks like! The long-maned, long-legged Victoria's a little different from people her age as she collects vinyl and actually uses an old fashion turntable to play her faves. She's not only a lot of fun but gorgeous as well… but then again we didn't have to tell you that!

Q: Hi there, nice to meet you. Just tell me what you are doing project wise right now besides your show.
Victoria: I am recording a lot of music for my solo album and what else am i doing? I am filming the second season of my show Victorious in October and I am also working with the United nations on an organization called girls up.

Q: What kind of things are you doing with them? Are they having parties for the charity that you will be attending?
Victoria: Yeah, they will be having one soon. It is not only about attending parties but I will be going to Guatemala and visit teen girls living there…and then be coming back here and telling girls here about what life is like there.

Q: Can you tell our readers what your room is like?
Victoria: My room is messy and it is a bright turquoise which makes me really happy—‘cause when I open my blinds it is really bright and pretty, which I really like. I have a small, weird bed that I really hate and I want to get a new bed. (Laughs.) My comforter is big and white and fluffy, which I love, and then I have a flat screen TV on my wall. I have a big stereo and a small closet—it is really cramped and I want to get a bigger one. (Laughs.) I have a record player by my bed. That is pretty much it.

Q: You mean that you have an old-fashioned turntable that actually plays vinyl records? If so, where did you get the vinyl from?
Victoria: I don't know. My mom gave me a collection of her old records and then I bought a bunch of them at Amoeba Records, which is this cool record store in LA.

Q: Yes, I know about that store! That is a legendary store.
Victoria: It is huge and amazing.

Q: Do you have any project that we haven’t touched on here—do you have any commercials or endorsement deals for cosmetic or clothing companies, for instance? (In the past, I know you have done campaigns for the clothing companies Union Bay and Ralph Lauren.)
Victoria: I am not doing any of that at the moment, no…hey, I almost forgot that I am doing a Got Milk campaign.

Q: And do you have the Got Milk mustache?
Victoria: Yes, I do! (Laughs.) It is like a dream come true! (Laughs.)

Q: What is the milk mustache really made of?
Victoria: It actually tastes like cheesecake. It is made of whipped cream, milk and cream cheese and I do not know what else. They paint it on with a makeup brush.

Q: That is really cool—I always wondered what it was made of. How did you hook up with with Macy’s?
Victoria: I have always loved Macy’s and I have always thought it has great clothes and have always thought it was great for back to school and stuff—so I was happy when they wanted to involve me in this campaign. I was really excited when they asked me to come here and be involved in this whole back to school thing.

Q: Are you done with school?
Victoria: Yes, I graduated at 16.

Q: Wow, that is fabulous. Did you go to regular school or were you home schooled?
Victoria: I was in regular school until about the beginning of tenth grade and then I that point it became hard to balance a career and school and traveling and stuff, so then I became home schooled and I just finished early.

Q: Can you tell us more about the music you are recording and when it is going to come out?
Victoria: yeah, I think it should be coming out some time next year…right now, we are just working on finding my sound and getting a bunch of demos ready.

Q: Do you have a major record deal?
Victoria: yes, I am signed to Sony.

Q: Wow, good for you. I am sure a lot of people will be looking forward to your album and lastly, what are your goals as both a performer and as a person?
Victoria: I think my goal as a performer is to finish doing my show Victorious, which I have so much fun doing. Once that is over, I hope to have recorded two successful albums and then I want to do movies. I would like to do both comedy and dramatic films. I would also like to have a clothing line because I love fashion! I would love to start designing—and I would love to have my own fragrance because I just love all that girlie stuff. As a person, I would just to like to keep learning no matter what.

Q: That is a good goal to have! So nice meeting you.
Victoria: Thanks and nice meeting you.
On The Teen Beat staffer Anne Raso interviews the beautiful Victoria Justice.

Miley Cyrus in and After Hannah Montana!

“It sounds weird, but Hannah Montana seems almost like going to school, and I’ll miss that” said Miley Cyrus, the Hannah Montana girl on the ending of her serial!
Miley Cyrus said that life after Hannah Montana has changed a lot! She recalled the first day when she came to the sets of Hannah Montana, her Mom accompanied her. Her Mom was the all in all! She was her make-up artist, dress manager, assistant, hair-stylist… everything! And the t-shirt which she wore bore the writing” I should have my own TV show.’
“I had it on with my skirt and full face make-up. I was just sitting there like: ‘Oh my God, I’m on a Disney set. My life is like about to change.’
“Sure enough, it did. I just remember coming to work with full face make-up, and now we’re all in our pajamas when we come to work.
“I’m definitely a lot more comfortable with myself and I don’t need to feel like I need to get dressed up every day. This is just like a home to us.”

Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato Rock Arthur Ashe Kids' Day

Closing out a day of tennis fun, the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato took the stage at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City on Saturday (August 28).
Our favorite  Camp Rock 2 stars gave an awesome as usual performance as part of the annual 2010 Arthur Ashe Kids' Day coming ahead of the US Open tennis tournament.

Check back. We'll be posting more pics later. For now check out the red carpet video featuring Demi and the guys.

Big Time Rush Talk About Their New CD And Tour!

An Exclusive Interview!

By Anne M. RasoWe caught up with the boys shortly before they performed as part of the Macy's Herald Square back to school event recently…the guys not only performed live on a stage in front of the store, but anyone who spent 150 bucks on school clothes got a meet and great with these hot fellas! It was great to see them again--we had spoken to James on the phone a few months back and hung with them at Planet Hollywood about six or eight months ago. We thought they were a blast then, and if possible, they have gotten even funnier. The BTR crew is like one big high-energy musical party!
Q: So, what have you guys been up to since I last spoke to you…I did a phone interview with James two or three months ago?
Carlos: Well, as you know we are in town to promote the Big Time Concert movie which airs on Nickelodeon this coming Friday-if you are reading this past Friday the 20th, I am sure you can catch it in repeats.
James: It was filmed when we did a concert in Times Square a couple of months back. You might have actually been there.
Q: I was invited by the Nickelodeon pr people but could not make it.
Kendall: We are also here to promote our new CD that comes out October 12TH. 
We just heard the completed CD yesterday for the first time yesterday and we 
are so stoked. 
Logan: We were really so pleased when we heard the final product. You guys are going to love it!
Q: Okay, back to the concert movie for a second-are there any surprises in it like cover songs of famous artists?
Kendall: No, we just do our own songs….but just so your readers now, we will be out on tour in October with Walgreen's as our sponsors. It is called the School Spirit Tour and basically, kids can go online or go to Walgreen's and register their school-and the school that gets the most votes get a free concert by us. We will be doing 16 cities in ten days and we are very excited about it. We are going to be having a cool little set going on and it is going to be lots of fun.
Q: Are you going to be playing in drugstores, too? (Laughs.)
All Group Members: (Laugh hysterically.)
Logan: No, we are just going to go to your school.
Kendall: you are a jokester. 

Q: So that tour sounds like it is going to be taking up a lot of time. When do you go back to filming the show again?
Logan: We actually go back to filming the show on Monday. That will be the fourth episode of season two, or just number 24. 
Q: So since the show has taken off have you gotten to meet any celebrities?
James: We're talking to you right now, right?
Q: Ooooh, that's funny. (Laughs.)
James: You know, it's interesting because we had David Beckham come up to us the other day and ask us to take a picture with his kids, which was really surreal for us.
Carlos: That was really cool.
Q: That is super cool.
Logan: Me and Kendall met T.I. yesterday, which is really neat.
Carlos: I stood next to Megan Fox for an hour on a red carpet the other day-he left that one out.
James: He was a couple feet away from her for an hour and didn't say hi.
Carlos: she was there with her husband and I was waiting for the right moment to say hi. I didn't want to intrude. I was waiting for the right moment to make that first great impression. (Smiles.)
James: That is funny because the time I met her she told me that she loves me. (Laughs.)
Q: Did any of you get a summer vacation?
Kendall: We did but it was all of three days.
Carlos: We actually got three weeks. I went to Boston….you went to Toronto and some of us went snowboarding. One of us went to Cabo.
James: I went down to San Diego to spend time with my family. It was not that big of a trip from LA.
Q: Do you guys do endorsement deals-I know you have that school spirit tour with Walgreen's but is there anything else? I assume that maybe sneaker companies have approached you….
All BTR Members; No.
Logan: We are honestly so busy with the show that we have not dealt with a lot of that yet. When the time comes, I know we are all picky about who we want to support, so we will figure it out then.
Kendall: But I will say that Van's is always sending me shoes and they are awesome for that. I have to say thank you for that.
Carlos: Kendall loves Van's as you can see.
Q: We had this discussion six months ago before you started getting stuff from them. I said, “I am sure you could get a deal really easily with Van's' and then the stuff starting coming in. So I am taking a little credit.
Kendall: We like each other, so it is a mutual thing.
Q: Can you describe your dressing rooms for us?

On The Teen Beat staffer, Anne Raso hangs with Big Time Rush in New York City.

Logan: They just got painted and we had to move our stuff out. So my dressing room is a nice moss green with a lightgray accent and it is currently cleaner than it has ever been even though I never clean my dressing room.

James: Mine is a dark blue and gray-and I have party lights strung across it. They are Tiki lights.
Carlos: you can sometimes hear people playing bongos in James' room-it is very intense. (Laughs.) Mine is like a maroon and grey.
Kendall: Mine is a lighter gray with a darker blue. It is awesome and I just got a Wii so that everyone can come in and play it. We play that Racquet game-it is called Racquet Sports or something.
Q: Thanks-I am just going to take a quick pic of you guys alone and with me. It was nice to see you again!
ALL BTR Members; Bye, see you another time!

Justin Bieber Still Sick, But Feeling Better-Had To Cancel Show

Due to illness Justin Bieber had to cancel his show at Syracuse's New York State Fair tomorrow (Aug 29). The concert has been rescheduled for September 1. Justin's highly anticipated  August 31st performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City is expected to go  on and will be filmed  for an upcoming 3D movie release in February 2011. 
Here's what Justin's Tweeted about the cancelation:
  "Really don't know what to do twitter...im getting rest right now and trying to recover from the not so good news from the doctor...im gonna be ok just need 2 rest but i wanted all of u 2 know I never want let any of you down. ever. i really appreciate all the kind words."

Sneak Peek... "That's So Sonny" with Raven Symone!

Look who returns to the Disney Channel! Raven Symone is shaking up Chad and Sonny’s relationship. Will Chad follow Raven’s advice and break up with Sonny?

Find out this Sunday night at 8p. Check out this video for “That’s So Sonny.”

New Episode-JONAS L.A. "The Flirt Locker"-Sunday at 9PM

Nick gets the opportunity of a lifetime to work with an amazing producer, but this would mean he has to leave the band. Will Nick go solo, breaking up Jonas?
Watch JONAS L.A. this Sunday night on Disney Channel at 9PM.

Photo: Courtesy Disney Channel

16-Year-Old Singing Prodigy Nikki Yanosky Shines on New Debut Album

Sixteen-year-old Nikki Yanofsky is poised to break out as one of the year's most-exciting new artists with her self-titled CD Nikki, on Decca Records.   Nikki is a fizzy, spirited collection of newly arranged standards and elegant originals reflecting the young singer’s love of jazz, blues, R&B, soul, and traditional pop.   Already deemed a rising star by NBC’s Brian Williams, the press has hailed Yanofsky as a "young Ella Fitzgerald" (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) with a "golden road ahead" (NBC Nightly News) and a "bright, pitch-perfect voice" (Washington Post).
Produced by 15-time Grammy-winning producer Phil Ramone and Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Jesse Harris (best known for his work on Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me and Feels Like Home), Nikki showcases Yanofsky's "purity across her multi-octave range" (NY Post), and her effortless ability to tackle standards, as well as her own original collaborations with Harris and Ron Sexsmith.  The disc also includes a new song written by breakout critics’ darling Feist.
   A national treasure in her native Canada, Yanofsky was the musical standout performer at the 2010 Winter Olympics, with performances during the opening AND closing ceremonies to a worldwide audience of over 3.2 billion. She earned her first #1 hit single with "I Believe" - CTV's Official Song for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.  The song garnered Nikki the highest first week sales of any Canadian artist in Soundscan history and was certified quadruple-platinum, making her the youngest Canadian artist to ever achieve such a distinction.  She also headlined the Montreal Jazz Festival at age 12 and was nominated for two Juno Awards at age 13, the youngest performer to do either.   The fashion-forward 10th grader, who's performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Kennedy Center, has also been praised as "a refreshing alternative to mainstream music" in a recent Women's Wear Daily cover story.

   For more information, please visit Nikki Yanofsky's website: http://www.nikkiyanofsky.com/

Taylor Swift Debuts 'Mine' Music Video In Maine

 Country music star Taylor Swift has returned to Maine for a half-hour television special to introduce herlatest music video.

The 20-year-old Grammy winner premiered "Mine" on Friday in Kennebunkport, where the video was shot last month.

During the cable TV special, Swift discussed the music video locations and showed behind-the-scenes footage.

Afterward, Swift met with former President George H.W. Bush, who lives nearby and came out with his grandchildren to see her. She then surprised the hundreds of fans gathered outside St. Anne's Church by performing five or six songs with her band.

Nickelodeon Gets Loud Loud With Mega Music Fest On September 6

The first annual Nickelodeon Mega Music Fest, an hour-long prime-time concert special for the whole family, premiering Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 6, from 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET/PT.  The Nickelodeon Mega Music Fest was shot live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York and is hosted by actor/comedian John Leguizamo along with Sherri Shepherd as Stage Manager.  The concert special features Justin BieberDr. PhilColbie CaillatWyclef JeanThe RootsDora the Explorer,Yo Gabba Gabba!, The Fresh Beat BandThe Laurie Berkner Band and more. 
“The Nickelodeon Mega Music Fest is a great opportunity for families to get together to sing, dance and enjoy this one-of-a-kind music spectacular,” said Teri Weiss, SVP, Nickelodeon Preschool.  “The special showcases kids’ favorite Nickelodeon Preschool characters like Dora, Kai-lan, The Fresh Beat Band in a whole new way; singing on stage with some of today's hottest music stars.”