Selena Gomez and The Scene's "Naturally" Platinum Party!

Selena Gomez and The Scene go crazy with their plaques during her backyard BBQ bash over the weekend. All the band members received gold records to commemorate RIAA certified sales of more than 500,000 copies of the album Kiss And Tell and single “Naturally,” which went Platinum with over 1,000,000 downloads.Selena popped in on Facebook to update her fans on her sore throat situation. She posted, “I’m sure most of you know that my voice is gone and that I had to cancel some of my upcoming shows. After my 2 week promo tour with Joey I started to feel pain in my throat from talking too much. As soon as I came home I went to see my doctor and he said that I had damaged my vocal chords and that I had acid reflex (probably from pickles).”