EXCLUSIVE! “I’m A Big Dreamer!” Our Demi Lovato Interview For Camp Rock: The Final Jam!

We were lucky enough to get access to Demi as she visited NYC  recently to promote Camp Rock 2. Fans are dying to see this (we did not have to tell you that) and we got the inside scoop on what is going to happen plot-wise as well as some behind-the-scenes secrets! And no, we were not allowed to ask about her breakup with Joe—we had to keep the subjects strictly professional! Well, we did ask if she was going to be able to take a summer vacation this year, if there could possibly be another tour with the JoBros, her work against cyberbullies and about her near-worship of Kelly Clarkson!

Q: You're the very driven counselor in this. Do you think you are like your character?
Demi: I would definitely say that I'm driven. Sometimes it's more important to be driven than it is to (actually be good at what you do) – I don't know. I put my drive in front of a lot of things just to make sure that I do the best that I can and be the best that I can be.
Q: In the movie, your character is doing things that need to be done first before she goes out and has any fun. So you could relate to that?
Demi: Yes. I feel like my character in that sense. There's time for fun, later on, but I have fun now doing what I love. For instance, doing press isn't the easy thing in the world and it might not necessarily be the most fun thing but I will do as many interviews as it takes to be able to have a vacation with my family at the end of the day, to have that fun.
Q: Do you do that with your family, go on vacation? Do you have time for that?
Demi: No. I don't have time, but I make time and I will tell people that I need that time and I have great people around me and so they make that happen. I love my family. So even if it's not going on vacation then it's about spending time with them at the end of the day.
Q: How long have you been a vegetarian?
Demi: About a year now.
Q: And why did you do that?
Demi: Because I don't like meat….just because I don't like meat.
Q: But the chicken pie you were talking about earlier to us sounded like you really wanted some.
Demi: Yeah. I would go back for some chicken fried steak.