Babblin' With Booboo Stewart! An Exclusive Interview, Pt. 1

by Anne M. Raso
We caught up with teenaged "thesp" and martial arts expert/actor
Booboo Stewart—slated to be the breakout star of 
Twilight Eclipse, which comes out on June 30th--via phone a few days ago. He is the most energetic kid you would ever want to meet and we are happy to say he has his feet firmly planted on the ground (although they are in his exclusive brand of Grafeeti sneakers, the only sneakers you can draw, erase, and then draw on again)! We go the word not only about Eclipse and his personal business, but we discussed how far the powers-that-be have gotten on Breaking Dawn (the last installment of the successful Twilight series). Also, we want to point out that Booboo's name really is spelled out just like we are spelling it. The press has often written his first name as "Boo Boo" and it has just started to be corrected recently as our boy has grown more famous!

Q. OK, we are going to work in reverse in this interview. Let's talk about Breaking Dawn. All I have heard is that they have hired the director, Bill Condon, and have not heard anything beyond that. Have you heard about anything like a start date or people signing on?
B: I have no idea...but I know I would have a great time doing it! 
(Hint, hint!) So I just found out about he director too and really do not know anything else.
Q: OK, now to Eclipse. I hear from past interviews with you and other Twilight stars that the weather conditions in Vancouver are a bit difficult to deal with. Did you have any weather conditions that were rough to work in?
B: Yeah (laughs)! It was pouring rain and it was really cold!
Q: Do they do anything for that when you are filming--like bringing in outdoor heaters off-camera.
B: yeah, we had heaters that were really amazing and there were tents we cold stand in.

Q: I know I am not supposed to ask specifics but I want to know if most of your scenes are with other wolf boys.
B: Yes.
Q: Now, about the premiere, have they been prepping you to do the red carpet and that sort of thing?
B: Yeah, I will be at the premiere of Eclipse (in LA) and I will be in London...and I will be on the George Lope show on the 29th. That should be really fun. George Lopez sounds like a really cool guy.
Q: I know you have the Grafeeti sneakers, but in general do you get approached to endorse a lot of products that teens like. Do you get approached to do endorsements for sporting goods or guys clothing or things like that?
B: I get approached for deals with a lot of clothing manufacturers. I have to tell you that working with the Grafeeti shoes people have been great, I have actually been with them forever and we are working on some other products together. I have my own clothing line called Damaged Vintage. There is also a hair called Mama Spritz. (Laughs.)
Q; Oh, I can't wait to see those clothes since I love vintage. Is the website up yet?
B: No, it is in the works right now as we speak.
Q: Will the clothing be going into mainstream stores like Macy's do you think?
B: Yeah...probably yeah!
Q: Very cool. I have never heard of someone doing a line of clothes that look vintage AIMED AT GUYS. That is really great!
B: It should be really cool!
Q: Are you going to have like the classic rock T's?
B: Oh yeah!
Q: Are you going to pick out the bands on the shirts yourself? Are you going to have the Rolling Stones and other great bands from the 70s on your shirts?
B: I don't know yet. I would really like to do a whole lotta bands. We have not gotten that far yet. And I want to say that I am also coming out with a comic book called Millennium Man. I am illustrating it right now and it will be coming out this summer! There is a guy name PJ who is writing the coming book and it is all going really well. We are having a really good time but it is actually the hardest thing I have going on right now.
Q: I have heard that you are quite the good illustrator and that is one of the reasons you have the Grafeeti sneaker line--they are in celebration of your talent as an artist. Are you actually illustrating the comic book freehand or using a computer? How does the process go?
B: I do it all with a pencil and eraser. I just draw on paper. The writer writes it all out and then I figure out what panels my illustrations go in. I have instructions from the writer about what he is looking for to go with the words.