Robert Pattinson: You Can Now Steal The Vampire’s Handwriting

How about having a love letter written to you by none other than the Twilight heart throb Robert Pattinson…… least in his own words…….in his own handwriting.

Yes! Now, it’s no longer a dream. You can now steal Rob’s handwriting as Twilight Poison has come up with aRobert Pattinson font which is dexterously and cleverly based on his very own writing that has been taken from all the autographs he has signed.

So, you can now have access to all the alphabets in RobPatz style. All you folks need to do is download the font designed in an ingenious and masterly fashion.

So, you need to log in to and the very first page will welcome you with the vampire font. The maker has toiled hard over a lot of days to present the Robsessed die-hards with this gift. Though, it was meant to be presented on his birthday, it took a day more as it wasn’t ready by 13th May.

While the download in entirely free, the only thing they want from fans is some credit for their work. They request you to provide your friends with their link…….and why not? They do deserve adulations…….