Nick Jonas: Looking Forward to Jonas L.A. and Camp Rock 2! An Exclusive Interview!

Exclusive Interview!
Part 1
By Anne M. Raso

We covered all the bases when we got to talk to heartthrob Nick Jonas recently about he and “da bros” new projects, his goals as a musician as well as personal stuff (like his fave video games and charity work for diabetes research). He's as sweet and gentlemanly as ever!
On The Teen Beat: I just watched the show, very funny. You're the camp counselor, the shy one who can't really express his feelings so much. How does that compare to the person that you really are?
NJ: I think that my characters and I are different in that sense. I express my feelings and that comes a little easier for me than it does for Nate but I think there are similarities in certain areas. My character's passion for music is definitely similar to me. That part came pretty easy.
OTTB: You guys looked like you had a lot of fun shooting this. Can you name a scene that was perhaps one of your particular favorites?
NJ: We did have a good time. I think it was all the ones where we got to play music. I've always considered myself a musician first. So whenever they said that we were shooting a music scene it was always a lot easier than the acting part of the movie.
OTTB: What about the hardest scene for you to shoot?
NJ: The hardest scene was probably the scene between me and Dana (Chloe Bridges) where we kind of have a bit of a dispute about the fact that I won't share any of my feelings. She gets kind of frustrated with that, but really trying to just capture those emotions and do the best that I could there was a bit of a tough experience.
OTTB: I thought that the bus scene at the very beginning was very funny. I mean, was that really your bus?
NJ: It wasn't really our bus, no. It was a stunt bus that they got for the movie. It was an amazing scene. It's kind of hard to believe that that's how the movie starts, with a huge gag like that but I thought that it turned out really cool. I was very pleased with it.
OTTB: You recently did Rock for Diabetes, which raised $250K in one weekend. That's amazing. Can you talk about that and why you're interested in that?
NJ: I've been able to do a lot of things to help raise money for diabetes awareness and hopefully raise money for a cure. It's something that's very important to me because I'm a diabetic myself. So being able to speak about that and to share what I can is an encouraging thing.