James Maslow: One Big "Rush Of Sexiness & Sweetness!

Photos: Courtesy of Nickeloden

By Anne M. Raso

Part Two of Our Exclusive Interview!
Q: I was thinking that there might be a Big Time Rush tour during the summer where you guys go out and perform regular concerts. Am I somewhat right?
J: You know, a full-length concert is not going to be in the works this summer. We might do an odd performance her and there--we did ones in New York and LA recently--but I think a big tour is going to be held off until probably next summer.
Q: I also am wondering what it has been like to be recognized in the past few months...since the show went on the air. Like, if you go out to buy a soda or something, do people come up to you?
J: Yes, it is getting to a point, where a lot of kids are coming up to us— a lot more of them are watching BTR than adults. It is very cool! A lot of kids come up and say, "Hi, I want an autograph" or "Can we take a picture?" It means they like what I am doing and it is very motivational to keep up the good work. I will have to say that sometimes it gets a little bit crazy. At the Kids' Choice Awards, we had thousands of kids wanting our autographs at one time and it was a bit much...but I have to stay that every fan I've ever met has been nothing but sweet and kind! It is very surreal that this is happening. It is very weird that someone wants my autograph but it is very cool.
Q: I assume that at this point in time, people are offering you endorsements deals for different products. Have you signed up for anything like that?
J: No, at this point I am just staying focused on the show and the music. You know, I don't doubt that that stuff will probably come....but I am not going to do anything like that until a product that I really believe in comes along. I wouldn't just do an endorsement deal for the money.
Q: Have the Nickelodeon people talked to you about guesting on their other shows?
J: There is definitely talk about doing some crossovers with the band on a couple of the other (Nick) shows and it will probably happen but nothing has been recorded yet.