Justin Bieber Show Canceled In Australia!

Photos: Splash News
Thousands of screaming fans never got to see a live performance from teen phenom Justin Bieber, after safety concerns forced police to cancel his planned gig at Circular Quay in Australia. Police were unable to control the masses of Justin's fans gathered at the forecourt of the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Many had slept there overnight for Justin one and only Australian performance. Whispers that the 16-year-old star had arrived early forced a crowd surge. Problems with the unruly group continued over the following hours, with crowd surges crushing and trampling some fans. At least 10 girls fainted, with paramedics forced to rescue them from the hysterical mass, which reportedly broke barriers. Police cancelled the event, which had been organised by the Sunrise programme, but many then made their way to the Seven building at Martin Place.
More updates to come...