Justin Bieber: "The Best Thing That Has Happened To Me

 Part TWO of  our Exclusive Interview!

by Anne M. Raso
OTTB: Is there a singer that you admire?
Justin: I grew up listening to a lot of different people—a lot of old soul music like Boyz II Men and Michael Jackson.

OTTB: If you could do a duet with anyone, who would it be?
Justin: I would do it with Beyonce?
OTTB: Have you met her?
Justin: Yes, I have.
OTTB: And where was it?
Justin: It was at the VMA’s.
OTTB: I hear that you literally met Usher in an Atlanta parking lot—do you want to elaborate on that?
Justin: That’s the truth!
OTTB: You were with an A&R guy, right?
Justin: No, I was just with a manager who flew me to Atlanta; I was actually going to a studio to meet some people and Usher was there. Oh, my dog’s here now—he’s so cute. I hardly get to see him often!
OTTB: What is his name?
Justin: Sammy. Come say hi to the lady! He’s a Papillon; he’s a really tiny dog. He’s really cute!
OTTB: You’ll need to send me a picture of your dog!
Justin” I will. You can put it in your magazine.

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