You Asked For It...The Hillywood Show! Our Exclusive Interview!

Images: Courtesy of the Hillywood Show

We just love The Hillywood Show here at On The Teen Beat. We met sisters Hilly and Hannah Hilly a few months back at a Twilight Convention and we couldn't  be more impressed with their  super awesome  talent!  As teenagers they formed the Hillywood Show and soon they earned a loyal online fan base of about 30,000 that supported their clever portrayals character and movie parodies, particularly with the Dark Knight. But when they uploaded their parody of Twilight, that number exploded to an unbelievable  three million!
  Soon The Hillywood Show were contracted as hosts for Twilight conventions sponsered by Creation Entertainment and since last year they have been traveling with them every weekend. If you've attended one of these conventions, please let is know what you think of their appearances. 
  We recently  caught up with Hilly and Hannah to talk about the making of their New Moon parody, their work in general and meeting Twilight fans. 

How did you get involved with doing movie parodies?  
"The Hillywood Show" started back in 2006 through a contest AOL put out telling teens to send in their own idea of a web show.  We entered the contest by mixing multiple Johnny Depp movie characters together and placed in America's Top 5 Finalists out of 100,000 entries!  We were thrilled!  From there, we had fans who asked us to continue with the idea of the show and we have! 
Would you say Twilight is the most popular by far (it seems to have a life of its own!) and why?  

Yes, it is a culture phenomenon!  "Twilight" is relatable to everyone one!  
How did you prepare to make the New Moon parody?

 It took 3 months of pre-production by studying promotional photos and trailers for "New Moon". 
Please tell our readers  a little about the process—including how you 
find the clothing, props, locations,  write the scenes, etc.

It's a  long process!  We think of a storyline first, then begin searching for   locations, costumes, casting, props, scheduling, and all the while continuing to script through it all.  
What do you look for in matching up the music with the scene? Please give an example. (BTW, we loved the Katy Perry song in the Twilight one!) 

Well, we felt that "Twilight Parody's" song ("Hot N Cold") described Edward's personality throughout the first book.  Now with "New Moon Parody", we feel this describes Bella's personality changes throughout "New Moon". 
How did you get involved with Creation and how has that made a 
difference in your work?  

We have known Adam Malin for years back when Creation Entertainment was putting on "Lord of the Rings" conventions.  Since we released "Twilight Parody", we saw that we was putting on "Twilight" conventions and simply asked him if he would play   our parody at the convention.  After seeing our parody, he asked us to be apart of the convention by being co-hosts!  Being at these conventions has been so amazing!  It is such a gift! 
What can our readers expect from you this year? We see there’s  a lot 
of conventions scheduled. 

 Well, we will be touring almost every weekend until December 2010!  Be sure to check our web site ( to see if we are coming to a city near you!  Also, we hope to create more parodies this year, but we have to see if our schedule will allow us. 
You certainly inspire our young readers, what advice do you have for 
aspiring teen filmmakers, dancers, or performance artists? 

Always try something new!  Don't ever be afraid to simply be yourself!  Follow your dreams and reach for the stars! 
Okay, here's a fun question. What superpower would you want and why?  
Hilly:  I would want to shapeshift into different people!  Because I wouldn't have to go through make-up everyday!-
Hannah:  I would want to fly.  Because it's just something that would be so awesome! 
What are you goals as both a person and performer?  

As a person, we just want to make people happy!  We want to inspire them to reach for their dreams!  As a performer, our main goal is to have our show on a television network! 
What are you most proud of?  

"Dark Knight" by "The Hillywood Show"!  We love that parody! 
What was your most embarrassing professional moment?  

We had a premiere for "New Moon Parody" with the cast and family and friends....and the theatre took about 2 hours extras to actually play the parody.  We were having issues with size and was embarrassing! 
Who is your celebrity crush?  

Hayden Christensen...that's both of ours! 
How do you see yourselves five years from now?  

We would love to be acting in motion pictures or directing them! 
Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?  

Thank you for all of you who have supported us for the past 3 years!  You all are such a blessing and we can't do it without you!  God bless.

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