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Hi On The Teen Beat. Love the Nick Jonas coverage you guys do. Here's some pics I took of Nick in concert last week. They're not that great, but I hope you can use them anyway....

There's not really much to say about
Nick Jonas & the Administration except that they were impressive. The night before, I decided to go to the I show (My uncle scored an awesome 14th row seat for me!) because I was curious about what Nick could do without his brothers, and I had heard he had a new, more "mature" sound, which turned out to be true. It seems that Nick Jonas & the Administration will be more respected because of his backup band-dads at the show even seemed interested.                      

The show was going along, and he was singing black keys and a little bit longer, when he invites his brothers on stage!! They sang "Please Be Mine", which my mom did not understand the significance of— they haven't sang it live in NJ in years!! 

The show gave me a much higher respect for him as a musician, even though I am no longer an obsessive Jonas fan with OJD! without question, I would go again! 

Thanks On The Teen Beat!—Rachel P., New Jersey
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