Did You Know.... iCarly's Nathan Wears A Purity Ring

iCarly's "Freddy" Nathan Kress said on his My Space blog today that he'd be asked a lot if he wore a purity ring. Nathan responded: "Well as a matter of fact I do! I got it about a year ago
 right before the 2008 Kid's Choice Awards, and I love it so much! It's a silver band with a Hebrew inscription in white gold. Translated, it says "To be pure". 

His purity ring not only represents his commitment to abstinence, but also his conviction to live a pure life as possible  with God's help. He added: "I know that that doesn't mean I won't mess up, but it reminds me to try my very best. That's why I had it inscribed "To be pure" rather than "True love waits", like most other purity rings say. I wanted it to encompass my life in general, rather than just that one portion."

We love that Nathan can be so open and honest with his fans about his beliefs and such. What do you readers think?

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