More fans than ever are heading to the real-life Twilight town since the release of the latest installment in the vampire saga New Moon. Visitors are flocking to Forks in Washington - the setting for the hit series - where they can get guided tours and fill their cameras with snaps of key locations from the books. The movies have not been filmed in Forks but tourism chiefs have created their own themed attractions to represent the places from the Twilight fantasy world of author Stephanie Meyer.

Guided tours take fans from all over the world to the local high school, where Bella Swan first falls for vampire Edward Cullen, and the pair's family homes. They also go to the home of Edward's love rival Jacob Black and First Beach in La Push, where Bella jumps off a cliff in 'New Moon'. Other locations on the list are the police station and hospital where Bella and Edward's fathers work and the treaty line where vampires are not allowed to cross into werewolf territory. The Forks Visitor Centreand Chamber of Commerce has helped feed Twilight fans' hunger with a replica of Bella's 1953 truck. The Twilight tour is run by Dazzled By Twilight, set up by fan Annette Root who moved to rainy Forks after being bitten by Twilight fever herself.

For more info on tours, visit Dazzled By Twilight
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