Source: Gossip Center

He's the hottest household name to emerge out of Hollywood for quite some time, and Robert Pattinson confessed he's blown away by his fans' reaction to meeting him.
The "Twilight" stud told press, "Every time I go out, no matter where I am, people just go completely nuts! It's unreal. When I started doing this, I knew the books were big in America but it keeps surprising me how much bigger everything's getting!"
He continued, "Every time I see physical manifestations of it, like fans going wild, my brain can't process it, because it's just too weird."
"One of the weirdest days was when we started shooting New Moon at this high school, in Canada. The school was still open, so there were kids everywhere. We did this scene, where we were just walking around the corridors but, after every take, all the kids started applauding. It was the same whenever a class came out after a lesson: they'd all clap. That was really bizarre - one of the strangest days ever."