Emily Osment: She’s All Grown Up And Awaiting The Release Of Her Debut CD!

By Anne M. Raso

Gee, this girl is talented. 17-year-old Hannah Montana star Emily Osment has been working on her album for over two years now and we now can finally expect it on March 9, 2010! A first single called “All The Way Up” came out in mid-August (premiering on Radio Disney on August 10th) and a few more tracks are now available as an EP called All The Wrong Things on iTunes.  We got the inside scoop on it from Emily herself—including the fact that it is going to be like what she calls “indie rock” and nothing like you’ve ever heard from a Disney teen star before.

  We caught up with Emily after she participated in a Planet Hollywood movie memorabilia ceremony. We dished on fashion, the Jonas brothers, future plans (including her upcoming CD) and more! She’s always bubbly—and admits she loves all her fellow Disney stars! (She tells us that those rivalry stories between the girls are simply just tabloid fodder!)

OTTB: I saw the movie and it was adorable. What was it like to dress up as Hannah Montana for the movie?
E: Well, I have done it once before in the series. I think it was fun to play more than just Lily or Lola—to play Hannah was superfun. To play a different character within the realm of a show is just too fun.

OTTB: I loved the outfit you had on at the premiere of The Hannah Montana Movie—you were voted best dressed on a lot of teen mag websites for that, I noticed. Do you pick out all your red carpet outfits yourself or do you use a stylist?
E: Well, both--I always like to have a say in what I wear to special events.

OTTB: What designer are you wearing now?
E: All BCBG. Both Miley and I love it an sometimes we’ll both show up to something wearing it head to toe! (Laughs.)

OTTB: What is the funniest or weirdest story you have heard about yourself?
E: I haven’t heard a story about myself in a while. Wait, there was one a while ago that said I hate the Jonas Brothers and I hate a Miley. The stories about me are always that I dislike somebody and I honestly have to say that the whole Disney world is so great. Everybody is so sweet and I just love spending time with those guys. We just did a PSA for the Disney Channel with the theme “Go Green” and everybody hung out afterwards, like all day. It was so much fun.
OTTB: Do you have a special event this year that you will be missing due to your work schedule?
E: Yes, I will actually be missing my prom this year. I will be working on that night but my friends totally understand. They know what I do for a living.

OTTB: You are not upset about it?
E: No, there will be other proms and other fun things to go to with my friends. Why get all bummed about it? I think that proms are overrated anyway.

OTTB:  Do you have projects outside of the Hannah Montana movie?
E: Yeah, yeah. Film is what I want to do. I love the show and we will probably do a fourth season but then nobody really knows—we are just taking each day as it comes. I want to do film and I want to work on a music career and I just want to have my fingers all over the nice little bowl called Hollywood.

OTTB: Have you gotten to see your brother Haley since you have been in New York?
E: Yeah. Last night…we hung out. We went out to eat and it was very nice.

OTTB:  Are you excited for Michel’s musical career?
E: We use his music for the show and all these music business people are always stuffed in his dressing room trying to work with him and write music. It took two me years to write this album I am working on because it is hard to find time to think but I am really excited for this album.

OTTB: When you do find time to sit down and think, what do you find are your inspirations for your songwriting?
E: Everything—everything that goes on, everything in a regular day. I pull from everyday life because everyday is crazy!

OTTB: Do you have a favorite song that you’ve done?
E: Well, you haven’t heard it. Everything that I previously have done has been done with Disney and it usually has been to promote a movie or something…so this is straight from me. It is not with Disney; it is with Wind-Up Records. I am excited. It is really like indie rock and nothing like you’d expect from a Disney star. So hold onto your seats, everybody! I am into Radiohead, Incubus and groups like that. I really don’t listen to the Disney stars.

OTTB: Do you know when it will come out?
E: Summer or Fall-ish. We are still working on it. I have been talking about it for a long time but hopefully it will be worth the wait!

OTTB: The pictures of you guys at the Hannah premiere were so cute and we saw that you were hanging out with both Miley and Demi Lovato—what did you guys do after the premiere?
E: Well, we just hung out and then had dinner. We’re just kids. It’s funny—the media thinks it’s a big deal that all the Disney kids hang out together but it is not. Miley and I always go out to dinner; I am with her like everyday! People take pictures of us hanging out and it is not really a big deal. Like I said, we are all friends. Everybody is friends. That whole stupid Miley-Demi-Selena thing, it is just so dumb. It is fake. They just make it all up to interest readers because they hate that we are all nice and friends with everybody. They want juicy gossip and there isn’t any!

OTTB: Do you have nicknames for each other?
E: Yes, but uh (laughs)…they’re funny! Miley and I have a zillion names for each other. I do not have nicknames for Demi or Taylor though since I do not know them as well.
(End of Part One. Part Two next week)

Images: Courtesy of Planet Hollywood and Teen Choice Awards