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We have a new BOBBY LONG Q&A from friend and entertainment journo Anne M. Raso! She has filed this fab interview with THE MAN FROM MANCHESTER!

Be on the lookout for Bobby Long—he’s hot and super talented. He’s R-Pattz’s best friend…and you might know that Rob and gal-pal/New Moon costar Kirsten Stewart were recently spotted at Bobby’s LA club show! Bobby is being called the British Bob Dylan for the New Millennium—he is a great songwriter, lyricist, guitarist and all around great guy!

If you want some "take home" music from Bobby you can purchase his 10-song indie recording Dirty Pond Songs on his myspace page, His current single is "Being A Mockingbird" which was released via digital outlets in June.)
His lyrics are about his real life as a 22-year-old singer-songwriter trying to make it and he strums a mean guitar. It seems like someone everyone in his concert crowds knows the words to his songs even though "Let Me Sign" from the Twilight soundtrack was his only real "mainstream" exposure. We got Bobby to talk a little about Rob, his music and more and we are expecting big things from him! He’s definitely the “Brit Packer” to blow up in 2010! Cheers, mate! We wish you the best!

Q: Twilight has been a bump to your career but in the end is it a blessing or a curse?
Bobby: A blessing because I was just a kid in London playing my songs… playing the same songs now and people really love the songs its an amazing feeling…. it just shows that you just need a little bump up…. as a musician I feel competent in my music- it’s what I want to do…. its given me the opportunity to show people and to do what I truly love doing… I don’t think I’m really in a situation where I’m refereed to as “Bobby Long from Twilight” I just wrote a song…. I’m working it to be a long term deal for me to do what I love doing…. its a complete blessing…being asked a few questions about the movie- I can handle it…
Q: Are you writing anything for the New Moon Soundtrack?

Bobby: Don’t know yet no one has asked us- but then we didn’t know until two weeks before the Twilight film that let me sign was on the soundtrack- Let me Sign wasn’t written for the film it was written cause he and Marcus are friends and Rob liked the song and took it to LA when he was shooting the movie. We didn’t meet Rob cause of Twilight- we’ve known each other about three-and-a-half years- and had our arms around each other saying one day we will work together- and when the opportunity comes we jump on it.

Q: How did you start playing music professionally in the first place?

Bobby: I’ve always loved music, but it didn’t start to hit me how much I loved it until I was about 16 and was given a guitar and started writing songs.

Q: Before we started this interview, you told me your dream was to play America and now you are doing it. So, I guess you are psyched no only to see the States but by the fact that the more people who come and see you the more likely they are to “get” your music…

Bobby: Yeah definitely. I just feel like I need to act now in a way. I’d love to record in America and, and live there actually. I really like the idea of doing some thing really fresh and new and doing an album out there one day. So I am throwing in several free shows on my Dangerous Summer tour. So if people wanna come along it’d be amazing—(it would) be great for the support but we’re just starting off small and seeing where we can take it. We hope to talk to some industry people to get a U.S. record (deal).

Q: Do you prefer small venues or large venues?

Bobby: I just want to play EVERYTHING! I just want to play big venues and small venues and yeah. I love playing.
Q: How old were you when you wrote your first song?
Bobby: Um, 17? 18? 18.
Q: Do you still play it?
Bobby: No! No, it’s absolutely crap. Terrible. Shockingly bad.
Q: Have you ever wanted to do anything other than music?
Bobby: No. Well, I wanted to do acting at first but that is just because I kind of liked the idea of not working a 9-5 job but… otherwise, I don’t know, I liked the idea of being a carpenter but then I was shit with wood.
Q: Do you play everything you write?
Bobby: Well, I write a song a week. I write all the time and I just discard them. Like only, I probably write, on average, like three songs a month and then one will make it through. The other two I’ll just never play them or…I start to hate them.
Q: If you were on a desert island what kind of music would you listen to? 

Bobby: Um, what would it be? (Pause.) I’ll tell you WHO I’d listen to.
Q: Yeah?
Bobby: I’d listen to old Louis Armstrong with Jack Teagarden. I listen to that kind of jazz all the time; I never ever turn it off. Yeah, that’s what I’d listen to. Because I love every other kind of music, but that kind of stuff… It’s the first kind of music I ever heard so I feel very comfortable with it.
Q: What do you do in your spare time? 

Bobby: Um, I read and write. I write a lot and watch films. And go out. I like drinking with my friends and socializing.
Q: What’s your favorite movie genre? 

Bobby: Genre? I love gangster films…Goodfellas and The Godfather are probably my favorite, to be honest.
Q: What would be your perfect date? 

Bobby: Perfect date? I don’t really go on them; I’ve never even been on one…
Q: You’ve never been on a date?
Bobby: I have. No, my perfect date would be to go watch the bullfighting. Bullfighting and then a nice little meal—a vegetarian meal just to even it up a little bit. I’ve got one! Ask me again. Ask me, ask me again!
Q: What was it? Your perfect date…

Bobby: My perfect date would be fishing…
and it would…
(Phil Taylor, Bobby’s manager, in the background adds, “With a harpoon…”)
Bobby: …with a harpoon! (Laughs.) No, fishing, in a boat obviously and then, uh, what else could I do? A little bit of a driving to somewhere nice and yeah, that’d be it. And I’d just get it for a meal, and eat the fish on the beach, stay in a tent and listen to music, a bit of jazz.
Q: Do you have any guilty pleasure shows that you watch?
Bobby: The X-Factor. I kind of watch that until it gets to the contest thing and then I watch something else! Oh, like, I would buy that on DVD. I don’t like things getting killed but I’m kind of weirdly fascinated by it so that’s probably my favorite.
Q: Does the idea of fame bother you? Have you seen it affect people? Are you ready for it?
Bobby: I don’t really know anybody, like the only one I know is Rob and he’s really cool, completely unaffected by anything so… Um, but am I ready?
Q: Are you ready for the insanity?
Bobby: The insanity? Not really. I don’t know. I just… I am not really… I’d like to say I’m not interested in it because I don’t want it, I just want to do music but if it comes alongside me doing music then I can deal with it. It’s just when it’s out of context. If it’s at a gig then I can understand people are enthusiastic and it’s lovely. When people listen to your songs it’s the most amazing thing in the world but I don’t think I could deal with it to the extreme levels of all the time. I don’t want that really.
Q: What was your first job? 

Bobby: My first job? Burger King but I got sacked for nicking kid’s toys.
Q: What was your worst job?
Bobby: My worst? Did you say my best job or first job?
Q: No, first!
Bobby: Ok, I was gonna say my best job was Burger King! No. My worst job working a call center and I got a stutter and it was horrible and I’d be like “wawa” and it wasn’t very nice.
Q: What do you eat for comfort food?
Bobby: Comfort food? What do I eat all the time? Boiled eggs!
Q: Boiled eggs?
Bobby: Yeah. I had one today; it was kind of comforting.
Q: What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
Bobby: He-Man.
Q: Did you like She-Ra as well?
Bobby: (Nods.)
Q: She was his sister.

Bobby: Yeah, I did actually. I don’t know, was she his sister? That was why they never (got together). But yeah, she was great--she was really pretty.

Q: What is the least favorite question you’ve been asked so far?

Bobby: Hmm, I don’t know it’s just nice being here so I’m not going to criticize any questions- Sometimes when they constantly ask questions about something else that has nothing to do with me. That can be extremely frustrating but nothing too bad--you have to have a sense of humor about these things you can’t take yourself too seriously.