(Photo Credit): Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Twilight and New Moon co-star Edi Gathegi told an enthusiastic crowd last weekend at a New Jersey Official Twilight convention how he got the role of Laurent, one of the three nomadic vampires in the flick. The 30 year-old actor had just finished filming his seventh and last episode of TV's House where he played Dr. Jeffrey "Big Love" Cole.

It was his departure from hit medical drama that allowed him the free time to audition for Twilight. The actor recounted his audition experience and other tales on the set— often slipping into accents (particularly his "Kelly" production assistant voice) and leaping out of his chair to to act out scenes. The convention crowd roared their approval at his entertaining antics.

Edi also confirmed that he's seen a cut of New Moon and said it followed the best selling Stephenie Meyer novel pretty closely. Fans rejoiced when they that that bit of news. "You guys are the driving force behind the entire thing," Edi said.

Gil Birmingham, Catherine Hardwicke and some of the new Wolf Pack also put in appearances at the convention.