This is really funny. E Online checks in with an interesting piece on Pattinson fans. Seems he is one Hollywood star that can inspire dozens of petitions. Bad enough a horde of screaming female fans nearly got their white-hot hero struck down by a New York City taxi cab last week, now they want to advise him on how to please fans, like for example, "Please wash your hair."
This particular petition actually stated the following: "We, the undersigned, hereby beg you to wash your hair. We also petition that you then, once you have washed your hair, wash it routinely thereafter, at least once every few days, with shampoo." This one has gained over 57 signatures so far.
Okay, then there's the "Get Robert Pattinson To Take a Bath " petition with over 5,000 signatures! And these are fans? To see the rest of the list, click here